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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Details, Lili Diallo

I've been excited to read Lili Diallo's book, Details, since I heard about the project late last year - now I've had the chance the leaf through the pages of Clarkson Potter's latest offering, I know it doesn't disappoint. You will find yourself lost for hours in amongst the streams of inspirational photography by Annie Schlechter, who so perfectly captures Diallo's work. Split into five sections - Texture, Colour, Objects, Mood, Dash of Style - it's easy to dip in to quickly to find specific ideas, or take time to leisurely read the book. Given Diallo's passion for the details, it was no surprise that I found myself drawn to the close up vignettes she had created: Delicate blooms soften a navy tablescape; Espresso bowls, and vintage tea cups in brightly coloured hues, offset a white crockery set; and Polaroids add personality to a mantle. Diallo's tone is friendly, upbeat and personable throughout, which, for me, is the book's strongest USP. That said, I was never not going to love a book with a section titled, 'Staging a Bright Intervention', was I?!
Details by Lili Diallo (Text written with Zoe Wolff) | Photography by Annie Schlechter | Published by Clarkson Potter


  1. i love that yellow lampshade...and then the pop of yellow on the wall. nice and bright!


  2. The fur on the chair is making me dream of curling up on it to watch bad reality tv with a cashmere throw and something fattening, yet delicious. Hopefully chocolate colored. Ok, taking this too far.

    Great inspiration--keep it coming, I move in a week and can't decide what to buy right away for my new bedroom and what to wait and allow myself to collect (isn't it so hard to not just walk into a store and buy the whole room? I want it to be personal but fun!)



  3. I got the book for Christmas and really enjoyed it too.

  4. I loved her work in Domino too - looks like a lovely book!

  5. Fun styling! :)

    I've passed something along the Stylish Blogger Award to you on my blog today if you want to play along...

  6. all the art is really beautiful, and very fitting hope you are having a great time Will xoxo

  7. how stunning! xo

  8. I just picked this book up at the bookstore last night, how funny! Great images and inspiration!

  9. Those chairs in image nr 5 are beautiful.
    Love this colorful blog.
    Hugs from Brasil

  10. Stunning images - love that pink sofa xo

  11. So you!

    Get the white long ledges from Ikea. Perfect for displaying art and or pretty books.

    Are you back -- or are you still in Pariiii?

    ox, Mon

  12. She is my favorite stylist by far! I love everything she does. I hope you're enjoying Paris! xo

  13. wow. my head is spinning with inspiration! (as usual when I visit your blog land :) )

  14. Agree with Mon - it's got you written all over it. The freshness, clean lines, eclectic mix and those gorgeous pops of colour.

    Ca va Paris cheri? Tres joli I hope.

    xx C

  15. Are you back? Let's see those Paris pictures ;)

  16. What a fabulous book! I will have to check it out- pretty details make the most lovely designs in the world...


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