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Tuesday 21 September 2010

{Guest Post: Ochre}

I'm delighted to have the hugely talented Michelle standing in for me today. Be sure to head over to her blog and check out her great sense of style. Thanks for guest posting, Michelle! P.S. Your colour choice is divine.
I’m Michelle and Holley & Gill is my blog. The lovely and talented Will has asked me to fill in for him today while he’s away. His assigned topic: anything COLOUR of course.

Colour theories are numerous and complex. During my Fine Arts degree, we had classes dedicated to a multitude of them. The colour wheel, the absence or abundance of light, the visual impacts of specific color combinations, so many different cases to study and to understand. One of the exercises we did during my school days has been stuck in my mind since then. It was a simple question but most of us, surprisingly, had a really difficult time with our answer.

If you were to single out only one colour which would encompass you, your traits and your personality, what colour would it be?

I can’t remember what my answer was then, but since I’m able to sit and really think about it now, my answer would be ochre. Ochre, a golden yellow with a tiny hint of brown to keep its brightness at bay. I adore it and always find myself gravitating towards it. It sends off a message of lightness, mirrors a deep and saturated sunshine, yet with its modesty and golden hue, a touch of class as well. Don’t you think? What would your answer be?

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  1. When it comes to interiors for some reason I am always drawn to warm colours, such as various shades of reds and browns. If I had to actually classify myself, I'd probably say I was a "cool" person - maybe I'm trying to compensate!
    Loving the ochre.

  2. Thanks will for having Michelle.

    I love the Ochre color it's such a luxe color, and would add glam to any room/decor. Now I'm off to check out her blog.

    Will I hope your having a fabulous time in NYC.

  3. That really is a difficult question to answer. This is a beautiful colour no matter the season. A short but wonderful post from Michelle. Hope you all head on over to her blog. It really is fantastic.
    Will, hope to see you back here soon but not too soon. We all know what a fabulous time you're having! And deservedly so..

  4. I LOVE THIS COLOR RIGHT NOW! I would have to say this is the color for me in the moment!

  5. hmmm on the same page ... just ordered som ochre fabric for pillows for my bed. i too love the richness & depth of this colour ... it"s total luxe baby! M., you make a great guest ;)

  6. Gorgeous post Michelle! I love the yellow colour therapy and I too gravitate towards this colour. At least most of the time, and definitely more so since moving to Sydney some 11 years ago..!

    I too did colour theory at Uni (in London) and loved it! Colours and their impact on our lives (directly or indirectly) is huge and vastly under estimated by most.

    Thanks for your lovely post.

    Will my dear. I hope you are having a grand time. I was so thrilled (and proud of you) reading Rue. Your article on blue was wonderful!!

    x Charlotta

  7. Such a great transitional color to carry from Summer to Fall! Love!

  8. I love this color, I've never really looked at it in this way before!

  9. You had me at ochre!! Oh how I LOVE that color!! Especially paired with grey. Beautiful post - so many images for me to drool over!

  10. Great guest post! You know I have never really thought about ochre before these pictures have made me a believer!!

  11. What a beautiful colour (and a beautiful post)... the perfect shade of yellow.

  12. That's some fine "guest posting"! Gorgeous colour!

  13. Lovely to see you here at Bright Bazaar today Michelle! I love this idea of choosing one colour that reflects you and your personality. Orchre is gorgeous! I'll have to think about mine :) Great colour story!

  14. Love it! I love the banquet in the lower left corner, especially with the pillows in that Schumacher leaf print and the striped walls.

  15. I'm currently obsessed with ochre myself and keep trying to find ways to incorporate it into my house. What I love best is how it goes so well with so many other colors - almost like a neutral. These are some lovely examples (I have that Dwell bedding). Great post, Michelle!

    I hope both of you are having a ball in NY!

  16. What a sweet, sweet post. Great interiors and commentary. I'd be green, I think, and not just because I like to recycle and lower my impact on the earth.

  17. OMG, those tufted settees! Gah! Beautiful!

  18. Such an interesting colour, I love it! I adore the first bed frame, such an unexpected but perfect colour choice. Not sure what my colour choice would be - is white considered a colour?! xx

  19. Ooh! Perfect fall color, and that headboard in the first image is just divine. Lovely post!


  20. oui oui oui! J'adore!! I really am loving this color right now and all of these images truly speak to me but especially that one with the ochre couch, wire lamps and dog paintings. so quaint AND chic!

  21. LOVE IT! LIke a mustard yellow. Thanks for posting!
    From Bali With Love,


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