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Wednesday 22 September 2010

{Guest Post: Compai's Styling Tips}

Today's guest post comes from a new friend of mine, Justina. As soon as we met I knew her visual style and aesthetic was right in line with my own. It's well worth a heading over to her blog, Compai, to check out her colourful posts and to read of her time living and working in Italy. Thanks for holding the fort today, Justina!
Hello dear readers of Bright.Bazaar. It's such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Justina of Compai and when Will asked me to guest post for him, I couldn't resist - I'm a loyal reader of the blog.

I work as a designer, author and creative consultant but my background includes owning a boutique in Italy for a number of years selling all things bright (and some things bizarre).  I often apply the experience of boutique owner in interior styling.

Today's post is all about Piccolo e Prezioso (that's Italian for Small and Precious.)  In both retail and home environments, displaying small and precious items in fun and unexpected ways can really change the way you see your stuff.  I used these tricks at the shop, and now I love using the same techniques at home. Here are some of my favorite ways to display my trinkets:

Photography & Styling by Justina Blakeney of Compai

Need a hand?
There's nothing like a pair of vintage mannequin hands to really make you want to actually wear a couple of those chunky rings that you otherwise may have completely forgotten about.
I got this pair of at the Rose Bowl market here in Los Angeles, but you can get a similar pair here if you like it and you wanna put a ring on it.

Treat Cup
I collect tea cups.  The thing is, I hardly ever drink tea. I like to use them around to house for coins or matches - and in this case, my pins and broaches.

Prized Pillow
This colorful pillow was a souvenir purchased in Turkey. I absolutely adore the colors and zig-zag pattern. It's not the softest thing to lie on but by my earrings and necklaces don't seem to mind! I get to display the pillow and clearly see my earrings and necklaces at the same time. For a similar pillow, check out this shop.

Got Issues?
To display my bracelets, I simply roll up an old issue of one of my favorite magazines and throw the bracelets on top. VoilĂ !

Thank you so much Will, for hosting me here, I hope your trip is going famously! And thank you readers, for making me feel so at home. I hope to see you all soon right here at Bright.Bazaar or back over at the Compai blog


  1. colourful & creative...I have many vintage tea cups and I love the idea of using them for other purposes.

  2. Justina! I absolutely adore the idea of a magazine bracelet holder! Lovely post!

  3. Loved this post.. so brignt and cheerful.. and colourful....

  4. Great tips! Interesting stylings and tactile and not too precious that customers wouldn't touch the merchandise to purchase.

  5. Thanks for introducing us to Compai, Will! And thanks Justina for these lovely styling ideas. I love the idea of using everyday items to display and store. So much more personal!

  6. Earings in a pillow?! Brilliant.

  7. Grazie mille! I love this post. Such clever and really cute ideas.

  8. Grazie a voi!
    Thank you all so much for reading and your lovely and encouraging comments, and of course to you, Will! all hugs, -J


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