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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Guest Post: Bonnie Tsang

Photography is an art that I hugely admire; it captures emotions, thoughts and feelings in a way nothing else can. Bonnie Tsang is a great friend and outstanding photographer, so I'm really pleased to have her popping in today to share the work of a photographer she admires. Thanks, B!
When Will invited me to guest blog, I thought, "hm, what can I blog about?" First of all, I'm not good with words. Secondly, Will's blog posts are always so fun to read with all the pictures and colours. So instead of pressuring myself, I decided to just use a simple 'formula': Will = colours. Bonnie = photography. Instantly I remembered the beautiful images from Jeffrey Becom. Here, I picked some of my favorite images to share with you. His work is always filled with intense colours that are so full of life, which reminds me of Will.
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  1. Wow....they look like paintings, a real pleasure to view. Thankyou.

  2. very magic
    to start a day with this beau pictures is ... wow
    thank u

  3. ALways love Bonnie's selections - this one is fantastic and she's right, the bright saturated colour is a perfect fit for BB :)

  4. What gorgeous photos...the colours are amazing!

  5. Stunning and these remind me so much of the Mediterranean.

  6. striking images...I can't wait to hear about NY. I missed my flight out I am living through all of my fabulous blog friends.

  7. I'm a photographer and I live and breath photography. These images, and the colours, are brilliant. Lovely guest posting!

  8. I've been looking forward to Bonnie's post all week Will. And I haven't been disappointed! Gorgeous images, gorgeous colours!

  9. I agree that the images are so full of life and intense in colour. But I think they poses a magical quality too - I am finding it hard to put in words. There is a real mystique about them.

  10. Beautiful - just what I need to see today! Lots of vibrant, beautiful colors. And all the images have this cool mystery to them!

  11. Beautiful colours! So I miss visiting for a week (sorry - long story) and you have a whole new look, been to the U.S. and back! Wow! Love the new look Will!


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