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Wednesday 14 July 2010

{Thirty Things I Heart}

Tobes and I in Paris

I was inspired to write this post after reading this by the lovely Louise from Table Tonic. Here goes with my list...

* Olives
* Good conversation
* The fashion pages of Esquire
* Dancing like no one's watching when I hear my favourite songs
* Typography
* Toby - partner, soulmate, adorable geek
* Photography
* Seasons
* Infinity pools
* Stationary
* Bright colours
* Writing
* New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
* American cities
* When you laugh so hard your cheeks ache
* French films
* Stripes - clothes, walls, floors...anywhere
* Fresh coffee
* Pasta - any form, anytime
* Satchels
* Preppy style
* Industrial pendants
* Best bud Han, who has the ability to make almost anything funny
* Head massages
* Will & Grace
* Vineyard weddings
* The feeling in your tummy when you dive off a diving board into a pool
* Cinema ticket stubs
* Florists
* Greek Islands

What do you heart?


  1. Great list! Quite a few of those would be on mine :)

  2. oh we have so many things in common (I mean if I need to do my list, there are lots of things I'd borrow from yours haha)! Nice to meet you through this list :). xoxox

  3. Ditto on Good conversations, Bright Colors, Photography, Fresh Coffee, Pasta, Vineyard Weddings, and Greek Islands!:)

  4. Oh, how fun!! I need to do this!! Great list...I ditto a lot of it!

  5. I love adorable couples!
    Um, hello Toby & Will... Could you two be any cuter?

  6. I learned so much about you from that! We have a lot of the same loves - dancing like no one's watching, infinity pools, bright colours, stripes, pasta, Greek Islands...

  7. Hey Will, I love your list. So many great choices! (and I agree, you and Toby are so adorable!)

  8. Well,I heart you and your cutie Toby!! Great list!

  9. Oh, such a great list. Have to put out there that I have stripe love and am quite partial to an adorable geek (I have one of my own.)

    You've inspired me. Might do a similar list on my Feeling Stylish blog.

  10. I totally heart this picture. You look so darned cute!!!!!

    Heads up, your design is due next week.

    Hugs and kisses,

  11. i heart you. and you and tobes look gorgeous! xoxo

  12. Loved reading your list! Greek Islands? Yes please!

  13. liked your list but loved the photo...

  14. Great coats and scarves, guys! And I also heart so many things on your list, not the least of all Will & Grace and stationery and stripes.

  15. great list! pop over my blog as there a UK photographer looking for homes to shoot! I'm sure your home would be perfect!

  16. Thanks everyone for your touching comments.

    Tommy - I love a good pea coat!

    P.S.Tobes say's hello!

  17. you are so cute! i love your list and the chance to get to know you better :) what a cute couple you make!

  18. after reading you & beth (hello, splendor)'s list... i am starting to want to make my own list.

    your list is pretty solid. kim crawford sauvignon blanc is my favorite wine. there's constantly an open bottle somewhere in my house. :)

  19. Oooh good list! I'd have to agree with you on a lot of these...olives, fosho. I just got a jar of double stuffed olives with garlic and jalapenos...can't stop eating them. Photography, writing, vineyard weddings...ditto x 3! I also love getting caught in the rain, girls with short hair, and sipping jamba juice! Thanks for sharing what's in your heart :).

  20. omg i can't believe olives top your list. BLECH. it's ok. the rest of your list redeems yourself <3

  21. fun list! and you're all so cute!

  22. i heart your blog.

    i heart your peacoat.

  23. NZ Sauvignon Blanc. Mmmm.
    Cloudy Bay, Kim Crawford, Villa Maria, Mount Nelson!
    God, all SO good.

  24. Gee. Even more lovely from you guys. Thank you all. x

  25. seriously -- i think we should be best friends ;)
    olives, nz sauv blanc, greek islands, type...!
    a few i would add to my list:
    tea/sushi/dry rose/used book stores/bicycles/live music/theatre...

  26. Amazing blog,amazing choices,have you ever visited the fabulus Greek island Karpathos?


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