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Monday 14 June 2010

{10 Things I Learned This Weekend...}

Happy Monday! I hope you all had lovely weekends? I've been busy sorting out my new place and, well, enjoying a little cocktail or two!

1. Spending over an hour trying to connect to WIFI in starbucks was a bit of a pain. Basically, I miss having a broadband connection at home and it will be three weeks before it's installed in our new apartment block - yikes!
2. Remember last week's decor sos? Well, the hunt for that hunky mr.right (in the form of a rug!) continues and my eye is drawn to this colour block option from Zara Home. P.S. Thank you for your great suggestions and words of advice.
3. Freshly made bruschetta is the key to my heart.
4. I'm feeling in the mood to watch Mamma Mia again. For the cheese, the sets, the songs, the fun - all of it!
5. I enjoyed reading this article on industrial looking kitchens over on the Guardian.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

6. iPhone4 - can't.freaking.wait.
7. Love these beautiful and pretty white vases.
8. The best mugs I've seen in a long while.
9. I keep dreaming of this view.
10. New York in fall? Yes, please.


  1. I like the way you presented your thoughts and moods with numbers. Re n.9 YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE ! :)

  2. I think you 10 things is my most fave post ... I look forward to them everyweek. Missing your tweets...look forward to having you back on a regular basis...Hope you are well and the new pad is up to snuff.
    talk to you soon....I hope!

  3. I haven't had fresh bruschetta in a while, you've got me thinking I want some today

  4. I look forward to this list each week - love it! How's your new place?

  5. Great post Will...and dreams are there to become true :) xx

  6. Bit jealous over the Zara home bit...don't think we have that over here!

  7. wow I'm torn - I can't decide in my little cap cod to go with brights and color or to keep it subtle with creams whites seafoam and black and white framed pieces - I want something I will want to stay with - 2 dogs 3 cats - a hubby that doesn't take his boots off - but I'm very affected by color - don't like orange, brown or white, fuscia, pink, greens but always cream, tan, sand, pale blues and greens...any imput? Lost in a Little House, Jennifer jennsthreegraces ( a beach person too)

  8. No 9 and 10, yes please, asap! In desperate need of a holiday!

  9. Great list! I'm heading to NYC on wednesday can't. freaking. wait!

  10. You have learned some good things Will! Love the way you presented them to us! I would love myself a visit to Zara, stay in New York and the cups on number 8? Yes please! xo

  11. Ditto on #4! Especially for the wedding :)!

  12. OMG! I forgot all bout Zara Home... I'm so jealous... that store is filled with so many fabulous things! And... Mamma Mia.. never gets old haha... I love Abba!

  13. well, I saw today that starting July 1 Starbucks will offer FREE internet with a ONE-CLICK connection!!! SO great! Super post by the way, loved it!

  14. Fun post! I love that industrial style kitchen - going over to take a look.

  15. so clever and somehow made me smile(in a good way). love it. (OK no more comments from me-im overloading your blog)


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