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Friday 21 May 2010

{Stylist Lo Bjurulf: Swoonalicious Ikea Shoot}

Anyone off to a party this weekend? Perhaps you are organising a friend's wedding reception, or maybe your BFF's latest birthday party? Well, whatever you do, please check out the wonderfully inspirational portfolio of Lo Bjurulf before you get started. Lo has recently teamed up with Ikea to produce some super stunning party scenes that showcase their latest products. I've put some of my favourite images from the shoot into five different party styles. I'd love to know which one would you go to?

Images: Lo Bjurulf


  1. the blue&yellow is greaaaaaaaaat, specially now, with the mediterranean sun telling me to leave the office right now and to go to the beach!! ^_^

    the white whimsical is great too... i'm thinking about a friend of mine getting married soon... i have to send her this link!! :)

  2. Love them all!! Is it pc to go to all the parties??!!!

  3. What absolutely beautiful images! The Barn Party is my favorite. Love your blog. I'll be back very soon.

  4. I love love love Ikea... but why can I never make it look this good! I am smitten with all white right now, and those last few rooms are so speaking to me!

  5. Beautiful pics! The blue and yellow is my fave. But I'd attend any of these parties! (ps -- you're a sweetie to follow my new blog!)

  6. Que bonitas combinaciones de color eliges siempre.
    Tienes un gusto extraordinario!!!
    Enhorabuena desde EspaƱa

  7. I am not kidding... when can I get my hands on that dandelion light? LOl love this stuff! Happy Friday!

  8. i have to say the barn party is fabulous. loooove this.

    and will, I think i'd get champagne bubbles from the greek isles also if i ever get the chance to visit!!

  9. Oh my! How completely swoon-worthy! I absolutely adore the ideas here...veggies in bottles and origami flowers (I'm currently on a paper craze too!). This is soo perfect. Of the options, I'd definitely go to the barn party...for those yummy cupcakes!

    have a good weekend, will!

  10. They all look like somewhere I'd like to be but I like the last one best!

  11. Oh Will, how is a girl to decide. I think I would like to attend them all and then the one with the most handsomest of men having the most fun is where I will stay....! ha ha ha
    Lovely romantic post....thanks!

  12. Yeah! We're all up for a party, so that's good!

  13. Love the Romantic Whites and Blue & Yellow pictures!


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