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Friday 14 May 2010

{Mix and Match Patterns}

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like starting the weekend a few hours early? Great, me too! Check out how clashing patterns can work wonders in these three very different spaces. The polka dots (1) marry perfectly with the grape-like pattern and because the second introduction of pattern is used in an understated and soft tone, which prevents it from being pattern overkill. Plus, the bright yellow chair serves as the statement of the room, centering the scheme so that the two patterns don't appear to be competing. Have you used clashing patterns in any of your schemes before? P.S. Don't double pendants always look totally sophisticated? Love them.


  1. Sweet Jesus! I love that bedroom!! I adore a mix of patters, and generally incorporate a few in my daily costumes. I always think that if you can do it in your wardrobe, you can do it in your home.. Just my opinion : )

  2. Top one is my favourite but I have something with yellow at the moment which combines fabulous with purple. By the way the purple wall is done in my studio!

  3. YES! how great is that yellow office chair. hotness! why can't we be starting the weekend early together? martinis?? :(

  4. Love a mix of patterns but sometimes am too scared to do so! But, hey, what about the double pendants? I always thought you were supposed to hang/arrange things in odd numbers, or am I behind the times here?!!
    The girl in the brick house.

  5. Scott - Great motto, I'll defo be adopting that way of thinking - like it :)

    Mariska - Yellow and Purple sounds delightful!

    Ashlina - Martinis are ON sweetie!

    Jane - I agree, I think lots of vignettes lend themselves to threes, especially vases etc, but for some reason I think double pendants seem to work in twos and threes. I picture an island unit in a kitchen with two statement pendants hanging over...yum! And what's this behind the time's you talk of? No way! You are right on :) Hope you have a great weekend!


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