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Monday 10 May 2010

{Magazine Review: FRYD and DESIGN}

It's Monday morning. The weekend already seems a life time ago. But, fear not my lovely blogger friends, as you can feast your eyes on this gorgeous new Scandinavian online mag by FRYD and DESIGN.

Thank you to the lovely Jen from Made By Girl for highlighting this great new magazine to me in her post.


  1. Hi Will, it is gorgeous isnt it. Follow her blog it is beautiful..full of gorgeous photos. Check out Skona Hem for more scandinavian fixes too!!Sinead

  2. I am quite liking that ceiling light in the first picture, I am planning to do something similar but with a floor lamp for my new flat (you know, one of those classic ones with the grannyish lampshades... take off the flowery material, spraypaint gold for glamour and voila! I am looking forward to this project!)

  3. Thanks for the tip, Sinead!

    Li - your project sounds really good fun and downright stylish, too! Hope to see pics eventually!

  4. Feast I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the cleanliness and warmth of scandinavian design. Some days I imagine myself living in an all white house, and then I am brought back to reality by the little paw prints on my white ottomans.


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