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Thursday, 6 May 2010

{Ikea Karlstad Sofa: Two Designers, Two Schemes}

To be fair, I love anything Arren Williams works his magic on, but his latest Webisode is really something, so I couldn't wait to share it with you. Arren and Tamara Robbins Griffith both take us on their respective journeys to create two very different (but equally yummy) schemes, based around a leather Karlstad sofa from Ikea. I won't say too much - as the video is well worth a watch - but Arren goes heavy on the texture with wooden surfaces and plenty of rugs, whilst Tamara opts for Hollywood Glamour.

Here's the two finished schemes, in all their gorgeous glory:

I'd love to know which one rocks it for you?


  1. I love the Arren Williams design. The textures, pottery, and warm colors make it feel like home.

    I like the clean lines of the other design, but the pink makes me feel like I'm in the sitting room of a fancy restroom.

  2. you know me. the PINK with black and white stripes. it just works for me. but the orange one looks GREAT too! love them both. fun post love! xo

  3. First one is more my thing. Boho chique!

  4. Thanks guys - fun to hear which scheme you like best. I still can't make up my mind because they are both so lovely. I really like the hide rug in the pink scheme, but also dig that graphic, red rug in the tribal-chic scheme!

  5. oh, they both rock! they're each so different and 100% super fabulous. love the idea of silhouettes in the ikea black frames. i've had my eye on them for some time now and never even thought to do that!

  6. Oooh how fun! I love both looks; I'm not normally into boho but this particular look is really working for me. I do love the black and white cushions in the glam look though!

  7. i'm with mariska - the top one is really my cup of tea.

  8. The Hollywood glamour, for sure Sans the pink wall, I could absolutely do it. Nice clean lines, basic colors with a splash of pink. Classy.
    The other one is too busy for me.

  9. So glad you guys enjoyed the results of our hard work, Tamara and I had a blast pulling the looks together and shooting it!

  10. Definitely the pink with the black and white stripes, I have been trying to add more colour to my monochramtic colour scheme at home, but I am honestly a little scared to move away from the familiar... but this look is very sweet, but grown up all at the same time. :) Hazel

  11. I think i'm with the pink, Ikea seems to be the buzz word at the mo, ever since I came back from my trip to Ikea in Rennes France, its ever where! Ikea family live, Ikea this Ikea that... I love Ikea, wish I could move in really....


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