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Wednesday 21 April 2010

{Colour Inspiration: Brown}

Watching Friends years ago I remember thinking how much I liked the brown leather sofa in Central Perk, it's worn and battered appearance somehow making it even more attractive. I think brown is a colour I would always add through anything but walls or curtains. For me, this is a colour that is at it's best when it's left to age and show its inconsistencies - be it in a battered kitchen table top, a gorgeous hide rug (1) or a well-used Louis Vuitton brown suitcase as a nightstand (8), which I think is an inspired idea. Have you used brown in any of your decor schemes?

Images: 1. HouseandHome; 2. Urbanstylevibes; 3. Desiretoinspire; 4. Anitta Behrendt via decor8; 5. Manolohome; 6. TableTonic; 7. Purplearea; 8. Shelterinteriordesign


  1. All I want at the moment is a brown Chesterfield...

  2. the vintage LV is fab, fab, fab!!

  3. Yes, I do like to add some brown as well in our ´white´ home. Our best brown piece is a leather butterfly-chair. And even a wall in our daughter´s room is brown, painted with distemper.
    Nice pictures!

  4. I love brown even on walls. I love it paired with orange and gray, but I'm not a fan of blue/brown combo's. I also find that if a room has too much brown it makes me sad. (Love the lightbulb photo.)

  5. I totally agree about brown leather getting better with age. It seems the more worn and battered the more character a piece has. Ive got a brown leather Hugo Boss filofax that has gone everywhere with me for 5years and for wear and tear it just gets even more beautiful to me.

  6. Jen - I'd put up a fight for the vintage LV ;)

    Something White - Leather butterfly chair sounds stunning. Thanks for stopping by.

    Kimberly - The lightbulb photo is so lovely - proper, serious style factor going on!

    Alex - yep, aged brown is always the best!

  7. The second-to-last is so great. That chair!


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