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Wednesday 17 March 2010

{Pottery Barn summer 2010 collection}

The summer collections are coming out thick and fast and I'm having a hard time not getting excited about every-single-one of them! Pottery Barn's spring collection (post here) was a hit and their high summer collection is just as strong. There's hurricane lamps aplenty and here are my favourites, all of which are perfect for adding a little seaside romantic charm to your patio or balcony. My top tip for decorating with lamps like these is to mix up different styles, colours and sizes, this way you'll end up with an eclectic and relaxed style.

Images: Pottery Barn

I don't you about you, but that first image has me itching to book a vacation...who's with me?!


  1. i don't know if necessary going to america, but going by the countryside... definetely yeah!! i totally need it!! i want my vacations!! ^_^

  2. wow seriously. i'd like to go to a beach asap! LOVE this collection!

  3. noemozica, I'm really hankering after a trip to a greek island...!

    Camilla I'm totally up for the beach, it's gone all overcast in the UK today!

  4. these are great! make me want to go camping...


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