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Tuesday 16 March 2010

{Lexington Company summer 2010 collection}

Oh, boy! Swoon alert! From the looks of today's stunning weather spring is here to stay folks, so there couldn't have been a better time for these stunning images of the latest collection from Lexington Company to land in my inbox.

Centered around a beach tent theme, the collection hosts a vibrant party of coastal colours in red, yellow and olive, mixed with the brand's classic stripes in blue and white. The company has always had a strong brand identity, but this collection is one of their most relaxed for many years. I'm loving the blue and white striped tablecloth, which I think I'll treat myself to when the summer collection launches online.


  1. le swoon, indeed! I just signed a lease on an apartment with a little private courtyard -I'm super excited! My goad this year is to recreate that feel in a little DC courtyard! Stay tuned! : )

  2. I certainly love the relaxed feel of this collection. Certainly projects that American East Coast vibe. You can almost hear the boats and feel that warm breeze underneath the tent.

  3. Scott, your private courtyard sounds lovely - let me know how it goes!

    You're right, Michelle, it really does have an East Coast feel to it, which I really like.

  4. Luxury camping for adults! I'm really starting to feel summer now. Great posts... I'll be back.


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