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Friday 12 February 2010

{Home Tour: Would you like live here?}

Images: freshome

I'm not so sure that I would like to, but it's certainly pretty to look at. The things I do like? I love the log store, the big mirror leaning up against the wall in the bedroom and the kitchen/diner has a simple beauty to it, thanks to all the natural light and distressed wooden surfaces. So, would you like to live here?


  1. Hello Will! You blog is amazing, i love it - can't believe i haven't discovered it before?! It's Jessie here, the Anthropologie intern :) what a small world it is!

  2. It's all a bit too white and neutral for me, but I do love the kitchen!

  3. Most definitely...if I'm allowed to redecorate a little bit...I'm not sure what the rules are. The home itself has such beautiful architectural details and the hutch in the kitchen is gorgeous. It just needs a bit more color for me.

  4. Ph, I would love to move in! The rooms look so inviting. I believe a little more furniture and some bookshelves will make it more homely and cozy. Also signs of people actually "living" there (think magazines, books, mail, clothes, etc) will provide the necessary color accents. I for my part love the colors of the interior :)

  5. I'm with you guys: if I could make a few tweeks I do think I would like to live there. More colour is needed for sure. Loving your ideas for adding personality and warmth through personal bits and bobs, Naomi!

  6. No, it just looks a bit sterile for me. I think if they hadn't painted the floor boards white it would look amazing. It still is a pretty nice place.

  7. Without any doubt! One of the most elegant spaces I've seen in my life!

  8. A resounding YES from me, I would move into this home in a heartbeat. Love the period features and the serene white backdrop.


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