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Wednesday 19 August 2009

{Office inspiration - A blank canvas}

This week's office inspiration is all about making your mark on a blank canvas. Regular Bright.Bazaar readers will know we love colour and all the great things it brings to a room: personality, depth, character. However, just because an office is painted all in white, doesn't mean that all these great things can't be true of a white space. Take this ohsostylish home office we saw on this blog as an example; full of charm, it successfully manages to create a welcoming space in which to work, despite the all over white walls. Warmth is added through wooden furniture and creative mood walls - made up of photographs and tear sheets - provide plenty of inspiration.

Do you like the idea of an all white home office, or would you rather something more colourful like this? Let us know below!


  1. love, love, love the inspiration board in the 3rd pic! I have alwasys wanted to start one of those.

  2. Hey Alex! Thanks for stopping by. Me too - I've been hoarding tear sheets and photos for years in preparation!

  3. While I love the furniture, the mood wall and the pictures, Will, I absolutely need some color on the walls. I have read that some designers {fashion, interiors, graphic} prefer to have white walls in their own homes because they are just around color so much during the day they need a break.

  4. Hey Kathy! It's fab to hear that you're a lover of colour, too. I think colour is so important to a home, but I must admit, this home office is still very stylish and welcoming despite it's lack of colour on the walls.

    Interesting point about full time designers not wanting colour in their homes - thanks!

  5. I think the reason these "colourless" offices are working is because everything in the room is full in texture (inspiration wall, library) and warmth (wood chairs, table, etc.). I'm actually seriously thinking about painting my office in white (well... the office I'm creating out of nothing in our basement!) BUT I want the ceiling to have a colour... maybe a soft pink or yellow!! Not too bright. Just enough to colour to generate happiness!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  6. Hi Victoria! Great to have you following the blog - thank you. I think you are right about the textures and warmth making the room the success that it is. I always think a good anglepoise lamp helps frame a home office, too.


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