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Wednesday 5 August 2009

{Lovely, indeed}

Recently we've been swooning over the gorgeous styling on the blog by stylist Selina Lake. Having styled for countless home and interior magazines including, Ideal Home and Country Homes and Interiors, we know Selina knows her stuff when it comes to styling a fabulous photo shoot. Take a look at these lovely pictures from the kitchen of her own home, which is now being rented:

Kitchen, styled by Selina.

Images: Selina Lake Stylist

The simplicity of her styling is what makes it so effective. We love how something as simple as a shocking pink tea towel can add such dramatic effect to the image. Using this as a focus for colour and then referencing it with similar, more subtle tones in the kitchen accessories, works wonders. The result - a kitchen to die for!

Having fallen head-over-heels for the gorgeous pink tea towel, we knew we just had to buy one for the Bright.Bazaar kitchen. The source? A great online store called Lovely Lovely, which sells a whole host of tempting bits and bobs for both your wardrobe, and your home.

Tea towels from Lovely Lovely.


  1. Love the tea towel AND the tea tins on the counter!

  2. @Kathy Oh, I know - the tea tins are great. I'm thinking I might have to get the New York tea towel to tie in with he upcoming visit!

  3. Oooh brilliant find! Everything is indeed lovely lovely.

  4. Selina Lake is a fantastic stylist! and yes the tea towel is lovely! thanks for the tip on its source! x

  5. @Siany @Kristy thanks for stopping by! Her work is stunning - we can't get enough of it!

    @Patchwork Harmony Make sure you check out the lovely lovely website - some really great stuff on there.


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