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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Three Ways To A Colourful Window Treatment

Windows are an ideal place to bring a colourful statement into a scheme because they provide a 'readymade' zone in which to add in colour, pattern and texture. These three rooms show how three different types of window treatments - blinds, shutters and curtains - can each become the anchor point for a whole scheme. The first room looks at 'brilliant blinds' and shows how a pretty and detailed fabric can confidently be the key focal element of a scheme. By choosing a pattern with lots of detail and different shades, it gives the opportunity to reference this main statement across other parts of the scheme, such as the rug, sofa and throw cushions. The result is a cohesive and coordinated final look. The second space, 'statement shutters', is a fine example of how picking one accent hue and introducing it to an all-white space can create a colourful look that still feels sophisticated and fresh. Note how no pattern has been introduced to the room: it's this lack of pattern that makes the introduction of a single hue, in a single shade, so impactful. I love the European feel that shutters bring, especially in this beautiful Greek blue colourway. Finally, 'colourful curtains' shows how introducing curtains as a window treatment can soften a harder scheme, bringing warmth to a cooler colour palette like white and blue. If shutters had been used in this final scheme, there wouldn't be any softer elements in the scheme to balance the furniture, slab flooring and white walls; this is why curtains work perfectly in the space. Which of the three ways is your favourite, folks?
// 1. House To Home; Photograph by Simon Whitmore | 2. Styled by Pippa Jameson | 3. Homes & Gardens


  1. Love the second one with the blue shutters, so beautiful in that white room!
    Have a great day!

    Susanne xx

  2. Ooh the last one, although I like the shutters too!


  3. Love the blue shutters too, and white rooms!

  4. I love the first one - they way they let light into the room and also add a punch of colour look fab xx

  5. what a fun lesson! I love all three and do think that although full length curtains can probably be used in room 1 and 2 to frame the windows, the final choices for the rooms are probably the best candidates for the job. Love the clean line, edgy feel from the shutters and how brilliant to have them painted this eye popping vibrant blue.

    love the way the roman blinds is use in room 1. A great way to repeat the jumping off point fabric for a statement window treatment!

  6. Love the blue shutters! The colours remind me of gorgeous Greece! x

  7. I love the last one and the first one. The shutters are nice, but I see them only really working in a beach house.

  8. definitely the shutters -- they're amazing! i really wanted shutters in my flat but i just didn't have the space... next time :) xx

  9. The blue shutters are my favorites, too. I like the clear style of the room.
    xo, FrauSchmitt

  10. I love those statement shutters Will! They really do make a big impact :)

    Abbey x

  11. Lurve the shutters - reminds me of summers in the south of France & Greece. :-)
    Happy Wednesday Will,

  12. Love it! The second picture reminds me of the Matchbox hostel in Singapore.

  13. I am a sucker for any blue/white combination, but the second one is the most appealing. I like the feeling of emptiness, clean lines, freshness. Sadly, not sure whether I can replicate that in a house with a cluttered husband and two kids...

  14. I just love photo #1. I could quite happily live in that room. Totally different to what I have, all dark wood, navy and cream. Unfortunately a colour scheme that I'm stuck with

  15. Great idea shared, nice posting and nice way to share about window treatment.


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