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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Happy Weekend: Black On Black

If you follow Bright.Bazaar on Instagram, you'll know that Mr. Bazaar went on a little adventure to IKEA yesterday. Let me explain the story: I've been trying to get hold of their Stockholm Rand rug for almost a year, and when I heard on Thursday that it had sold out Europe-wide, I thought it was never going to be. Then, yesterday, it transpired that there was one rug left in the Birmingham store. So, I jumped into my car and made the 220-mile, 4-hour round trip from London to Birmingham and back to pick up the rug! My heartmate was laughing saying at least it was a weekday so they didn't have to come along with me on a wild goose chase across the country for a rug! Well, I'm nothing if not determined (read: interiors crazy!). It was actually kinda fun to go a road trip: I had the radio blaring and 'sang' along at the top of my voice the whole way there and back. Have you ever taken any crazy, impromptu trips for an interiors piece?! I'd love to hear your stories. Have a great weekend, friends.
// All Hail The High Sea


  1. Those are the best trips!!!! Music blaring ...... and knowing that you've got something to look forward to when you arrive. I'm just lovin' Ikea!!! LONG LIVE THE HOME!

  2. that's amazing will!! i love your enthusiam & go getter attitude for something you're passionate about!

  3. Ha ha, I love it! The lengths we'll go to for something we really want. My hubbie and I made a dash on Sat morning from our home in Surrey to Birmingham but not for a rug, for a puppy! That was our only chance to go see the puppy we wanted and we had to be back home in time in the afternoon for family to visit. Was v hectic but a week later we went back to pick her up and she's been part of our family ever since :)

  4. Will, LOVE IT! I love that you found the only rug available AND went on a whirlwind tour to get it! Marvellous!!!

    Have I ever done things like that? Well, how about fly to Italy just for lunch? Drive 10 hours to see a boyfriend off at the airport for a long trip he took....and fly to Germany for the day to go furniture shopping?

    Ha. thank god, I have now calmed down;)) better for the blood pressure!!

    Great story!

  5. you are a carpet hero! I once went to an Ikea in North London to get something, I felt very intrepid coming from south-east London! did you get it though?

  6. Oh the things we will do for rugs!~

  7. This is too funny!! I'm not sure that I've gone THAT far...but if its a piece worth having its worth going the extra mile for. Literally! Enjoy it!

    xx Ashleigh

  8. I LOVE this post, and totally relate! When I got my first job, I hoarded home textiles because I was able to buy them from work wholesale. I had NO furniture except for a bed and a dresser for over a year, but I did have pillows and rolled up rugs all over the living room in my one bedroom apartment :) Glad you got your rug!

  9. Really funny and worth it of course! hx

  10. Ha, totally worth it for the perfect piece! I would have done it too ;)

  11. Love the rug and this post. Random roadtrips are the best - I once went on 'tour', and ended up in Norfolk - at a cool carboot sale. Love impromptu things like that. Happy Sunday Will - hope you are having a lovely cozy day,

  12. Hi. I'm from Malaysia and people here is not so crazy about the rug, but I am! So I bought the large one 2 weeks ago and LOVE IT! There are still a lot more of it in IKEA Malaysia store. :)

    1. Hi Rashida! Isn't it great?! Yes, the large one is still in stock in most places; it's the smaller one that's hard to find, I think! :)


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