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Friday 26 October 2012

Using Colour To Soften An Industrial Kitchen Look

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The fusion of industrial and country style has to be one of my favourite looks of the moment. I love the main colour combination of rich noir and racing green in this kitchen. Peppering primary blue and red accents throughout the space has helped to keep it feeling fresh and modern; a much needed hit of vibrancy to the industrial elements. The ticking stripe fabric that has been used to cover the front of the kitchen units adds a relaxed country charm, which in turn also softens the more robust elements of the scheme, such as the black walls and industrial-style metal stools. Sometimes I see a space that wholeheartedly encompasses my vision of Bright.Bazaar style, and this kitchen, with it's bold use of colour, is one of those spaces. Tell me, what are your favourite elements of this kitchen?
// Ideal Home | Photography by Simon Whitmore


  1. Love green and love industrial. Just pondering whether to paint my window wall black in the kitchen...this pic makes me want to do it more ;-) xx

  2. Ohhh I do love a fab industrial light! have a great Friday! Amy x

  3. So nice!An industrial style that does not look too obvious in this scheme! Love interiors like that..mixed up with something unexpected or less seen.

  4. I really like the combination of the black wall and racing green tiles! It's refreshingly unusual and works really well! Happy weekend Will :-)

  5. Big fan of those lights infact J and I are considering them for the kitchen!

    Hope you are having a fab time in Sweden!
    Rachie xo

  6. It's like you can't imagine the unusual combination of flavours that Heston blumenthal puts in his cooking would work - but it does in the most surprising way. I would never have thought country could work with industrial - the result here is so cool and eclectic. What a lovely find.

  7. Love the tiles and the trolley. Have a nice weekend.

  8. I love ticking stripe ~ it makes me feel at home!!

  9. Love this color scheme! So vivid and appetizing!

  10. I love this style, country chic! Beautiful!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  11. So in love with this! I love the use of kelly green to give it a bit of warmth and fun Will!!! xx

  12. Wow! This kitchen is beautiful and lively. Love the stripes and green accents!



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