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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Happy Weekend: Making Chores Fun!

I couldn't be happier to see the weekend as this week has been beyond busy; with so many exciting projects going on I've been beavering away at my desk late into the night all week. Certainly no complaints but I'm looking forward to some time this weekend to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, take in the weekend paper supplements, catch a movie and crash out on the couch with a stack of November issues. Of course, Mr.B will be keeping it real with a healthy dose of chores, too; after a week of solid work the flat is ready for a date with the hoover. If anyone pops around on Saturday afternoon you'll find me rocking out with that very hoover, 'singing' along to some questionable music choices and cleaning like a Mad Man! No kidding... cheesy music gets me through the chores, for sure! Anyhow, after four weekends on the trot of being out and about, I'm looking forward to spending a few days at home without being padlocked to my desk. What are your weekend plans, friends? Happy Thanksgiving to any Canadian readers! Save some turkey and wine for Mr. Bazaar, won't you? 
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  1. i love that ceramic cow in the first photo! cute :)

    and i'm the same way! i must have music on to get the chores done--good luck! i'll be spending my weekend doing the same :)


  2. Ah! that cow makes a statement! Have the best weekend!
    A big hug!


  3. Oh, theres no hanging around this weekend. we have to change our door in the kitchen. So: work, don't play. :)

    Have a nice weekend!

    die Baumhausfee

  4. If anyone pops around on Saturday afternoon you'll find me rocking out with that very hoover,

  5. I love the lights at first photo!!Happy Saturday Will!!

  6. I'll be cleaning up a storm this weekend, too, listening to 80's pop tunes which are the best for cleaning house!

  7. I love your blog. Coincidently I'm cleaning too and beginning to clear ou this house-out with (some of) the old and in with some new, maybe? plus chucking pounds of stuff or taking it to the restore.....then I may have a friend over who has a special knack then re-shop my basement. A little redecorating by way of paint and furniture fix-up should be just the ticket=alas I doubt I'll be finished til spring.

    1. Hi Pam! All of your projects sound a little like my seemingly never ending list...!

  8. Mmmm, leisurely breakfast is a great idea to go along with this mornings new blog perusing :)
    Lovely colour scheme in your photos! Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for the Thanksgiving Wishes Eh? ;)


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