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Monday, 3 September 2012

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. The smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns is very comforting.
2. I need to send one of my Hello Sailor notecards to a friend before summer is totally out.
3. Waking up to picture messages from my brother showing off his private Marrakech courtyard (complete with lap pool!) makes me a tad envious!
4. It was fun to make the most of the late summer days in my mum's garden on Saturday afternoon.
5. Not only does this candle smell divine but it has a great typographic label, too.
6. Despite the sunshine I needed to wear a cardigan for the first time this season.
7. This was my magazine loot from one afternoon - and people say I'm a magazine addict...?!
8. My mum's garden is full of beautiful country garden flowers.
9. This bag has a knockout colour combination.
10. The coloured paint tubes on this throw pillow are brilliant!


  1. I love like no. 1 through 10. What a fab weekend you had!

  2. Love how your shoes co-ordinate with your background colour. Was that deliberate? We had our 1st day of spring here and fathers day, so it was long lunches in beautiful weather.

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  4. I just love all of it! And yes, I think the lovely smell of warm cinnamon buns is one if the most comforting things in the world!

    Have a wonderful week!



  5. Caught number 4 on instagram and how beautiful is your shot no 8?! Have a great week Will :-)

  6. Seriously coveting that beautiful Marrakesh courtyard (and your pile of magazines… what I would give to enjoy those magazines IN that courtyard)!!

  7. would love to be in Marrakesh right now. how lovely!! I always love these posts, Will.

  8. The Marrakech courtyard looks gorgeous; I can't wait till my visit in Oct! Oh and those cinnamon scrolls look delicious - I can almost smell them from here! xx

  9. I was home this weekend too and my mum has the same flowers in her garden! Jealous of bro in Marrakesh!! xx

  10. I will accept sailor mail any day of the week. ;)

  11. Mmmmm, I think that I could go for some fresh cinnamon buns right about now (though I'm sure I don't need them after all of the tasty treats we had while travelling around this past week haha)

    Happy Monday Will! :)

  12. love it all! do you have a dance background? that leap in #4 is pretty darn impressive

  13. A wonderful weekend I see! Love your airborne pic :) And that bag ... oh that bag.

  14. Ooh, you had me at the cinnamon rolls!

  15. The cinnamin buns looks amazing!

  16. Ha ha just Love the backlit Star jump!!

  17. I am crushing on that bag right now!

  18. I am jealous of your ability to wear a cardigan this time of year. Still waiting on the heat to break here in the deep south! Gardening will be on my list of things to do when that happens.

  19. There is nothing about this weekend that I don't love and I too am jealous of your brother's private courtyard!


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