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Friday, 6 July 2012

Woonwinkel Homewares

I recently discovered Woonwinkel, literally translated as 'home shop' in Dutch, a Portland, Oregon based shop that focuses on well made, handcrafted furnishings for the home. The brand describes themselves as a departure from the hard, slick modern aesthetic of the past, instead calling themselves the 'new modern': warm, inviting, tactile, quirky. Modern with soul. Woonwinkel showcases independent designers from Europe and North America with a particular affection for makers on the U.S. west coast. Their vessels collection is what caught my eye the most, and it perfectly matches the description of the brand: quirky shapes are teamed with uplifting hues. The Tripot is my favourite piece, but which is yours?
// Woonwinkel


  1. Love them all but yes I think the tripot has to be the best. BTW I have been silently following your blog for quite a while. I'm not really much of a interior designer but I fell in love with your blog design and have sometimes used it as a reference. Your blog is clean, bright, and fun and your content is making me really appreciate interior decorating. Thanks a bunches and can't wait to see more!

  2. "Modern with soul." Perfect! So many pieces in homes look so hard and cold, and I would never want them in my house! But this...this is fun. :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  3. so adorable! love those little tripots - i would definitely use them all the time. i hope you're well :) enjoy your weekend!

  4. These sleek cuties are so vibrant! The tripots are my fave too (how can't they be?!)

  5. lovely collection of things, nice thing. the containers are my fav

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  7. Love them all, but really love the wooden jug - fabulous!!

  8. yay for woonwinkel (and lucky me i'm moving to portland soon) kami from

  9. Love those tripots, the Sake set on their site is gorgeous too.



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