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Monday 2 July 2012

Instant Update: Bemz IKEA Furniture Covers

Since I graduated from university I've furnished the majority of my apartments with IKEA furniture. Granted, I like to save up and buy a few investment pieces into include in the mix (namely my Decker bookcase from Anthropologie) but the majority of my furniture is from the Swedish brand. As a renter it makes sense: the pieces are easy to move and often offer space-saving solutions. However, the real benefit that comes with IKEA pieces is the opportunity to personalise them, whether it be with paint, hardware or upholstery. One example of the latter is Bemz who offer a range of upholstery and fabric options for IKEA furniture. The shots here alone show how one can personalise their space with fabric updates in a variety of different styles. Gravitate towards a country style? The relaxed fit linen covers from Designers Guild are ideal for you. Or, perhaps you're more preppy in your approach? The fitted Stockholm Stripe in Candy Pink fits the bill perfectly. Do you own any IKEA pieces and would you update your pieces with Bemz upholstery?
// Bemz


  1. Ooh love these! Stripes always look so fresh for summer :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think they are a great idea. Gives a nice fresh personality. I like all the stripes.

  3. Love Bemz!! Totally given standard IKEA pieces a custom look without breaking the bank. So many fabrics to choose from and guarantee to fit your piece. I had to much fun picking different pieces and then fabric options to see how the piece would look like at the end.

    Best of all, Bemz also ships to Canada! Double YAY!!

    Are you ordering any covers for your pieces?

  4. You have picked out some real beauties here! I especially love the white and blue striped one.

    Wish you a wonderful day!
    Nina x

  5. Fantastic finds! I just love the idea of being able to swap covers to freshen up the look of your space without spending a fortune on new furniture!

  6. I love the possibility with Ikea furniture, that I can change the look completely with a new cover. I have ordered several covers from Bemz. Here is a footstool as an example:

  7. Ikea has saved us let me tell you! and those covers look pretty cool too! However my fave from this post is that amazing kitchen!!

  8. love the copper shade. it's the only place i can afford at full price, i see no wrong!


  10. I am a huge fan of Ikea and this line is no exception. I love the linen in fresh and relaxed.

  11. It´s a very interesting website, thak you for that.
    It´s very usual having lot of fourniture from Ikea and this is a solution for personalice them.

  12. such great inspirational pictures
    i love to brighten my day with your blog

  13. beautiful post and blog Will! Thank you for sharing your fave Bemz covers. Let me know if you need any swatches, or any other info.


    Sara from Bemz

    sara[at]bemz .com

  14. Best tip ever - made my day! :)

  15. The tip will be useful for us. Thanks for the share. The furniture of yours are cool.
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