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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Happy Weekend: Painted Door DIY

I've spoken before about enjoying a balance between relaxing on weekends with trying out new projects. This painted door DIY project gets the balance just right as it won't take up a whole day, or create too much mess. Rather, a simple paint job will leave you with a striking new feature totally personalised to your home, and for me, there's nothing more satisfying than that! To achieve this DIY, start by wedging your wooden door open and sand it down before painting it with several coats of primer. Once dry, use a pencil and tape measure to draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other and masking tape down down side of the line. My top tip is to then paint a think layer of primer over the edges of the masking tape to seal it; this helps to prevent any of the final paint coats from seeping underneath. Paint one side in your first chosen hue up to the edge of the masking tape and allow to dry. Gently peal off the masking tape and reapply a new length of tape to the edge of the newly painted line and seal with primer as before. Paint your second colour up to the edge of the masking tape, allow to dry and then peal off the tape. To complete the look you could add new hardware pulls to the door. So fun, right? If you were to do this DIY, what colours would you choose?
// Interior image via Design Sponge


  1. You are right...a great weekend DIY that doesn't eat up all the time. So cool too!

  2. This is adorable... I would love to try a chartreuse and lavender combination.... or even a couple of neutrals together would look great... xv

  3. Chartreuse and lavender sounds like a tip top combo, Vicki!

  4. I've had the paint for our doors for over a year now-and new handles too! This might just inspire me to actually get some done! (may have to remove the cats for the day!!) :-)

  5. This is fantastic! I tend to like white walls with colorful accessories and art - but this is the perfect way to get some color into a room without it being "the whole room." I love that color combo too, I'm definitely inspired!!


  6. I love this Will, how fun! The pink + yellow look so lovely together! xx


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