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Monday, 11 June 2012

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Loved the industrial interior of this Byron restaurant in central London, especially the railway-style wall clock.
2. This old type on the side of a building caught my eye.
3. Organised my ties and bow ties.
4. Enjoyed a quick cocktail at The W Hotel.
5. Built my new freestanding kitchen unit; looking forward to stocking it with goodies!
6. Wore my Hasso tote on Sunday afternoon's shopping expedition.
7. How fun are these new nautical prints by Scouts Honor Co.?
8. I'm not normally a fan of tees with branded names on but this colourful number was too good to turn down!
9. Found these red, white and navy stripe shorts to complete the outfit.
10. Love the geometric monochrome designs on these mugs.


  1. Love the bow ties...are you familiar with Forage Bow Ties made here in Philadelphia? They are amazing...Shauna & Stephen are so talented! ;)

  2. I love your outfit! I also dressed similarly. I like to wear my navy blue peacoat with a striped shirt underneath along with a bright tote/handbag! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend, Will!


  3. Love your bow tie collection Will! I started mine too and just wish more stores in Toronto carry them than just Zara.

    Great outfit by the way for your shopping expedition. Love your jeans!

  4. I'm a little obsessed with stripes it wrong to wear them daily? Looks like a fabulous weekend...Happy Monday! ~Lily

    1. Stripes everyday sounds like an ideal plan to me, Lily!

  5. It´s funny that you show the (coolest ever!) mugs in #10. I saw them in Amsterdam this weekend, and I regret badly that I didn´t buy any. Thanks for the link :)

  6. Ah here's to some mutual Butlers love and that tee is fab!

  7. will, i LOVE your fashion! you need to post more pics of yourself! :)

  8. The bow ties are heaven and those geo mugs are so fun!

  9. Your outfit and tote look fantastic. You are just so handsome! The bow ties photographed nicely, and I think I recognize the background as the inside of an Ikea drawer. Love!

    1. Thank you :) Good spot, it is indeed from the wonderful IKEA!

  10. love your collection of ties.


  11. Will, I gotta say I enjoy your Market picks on Sweet Paul this Summer. I might get a few of the items for gifts. So thanks!

  12. That's an awesome photo of you. I'm with you on the nautical. And lately I've been into the totes as well! Found your blog via Pinterest... been following you. Love your pins!


  13. Hi darling!

    I am just back from a long weekend with Mariska in Amsterdam and feel utterly happy and relaxed.
    We talked about you and boasted about our talented friend.

    Went to the 'Meet the Blogger' event on Saturday and were hoping to see you there. Perhaps you will come to the one in Stockholm in October?!!


    xx Charlotta

  14. Loving the new tote and that outfit, Will! E & M xx

  15. I'd recognize that tell-tale Ikea lining anywhere...yellow stripes make everything better.

  16. Will! You look so darn handsome and I seriously want to wear your entire outfit, including the tote. I think a red bag is just what I need this summer. Thank you SO much for including my print in your weekend roundup!

  17. I love your bow ties, so neat and colourful and gorgeous! The building sign is v cool too. :)


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