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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Colour Cocktail: The Lime Divine

Shop the cocktail: 1. Lime green flex cable | 2. Marimekko towels | 3. Mikassa dinnerware | 4. Lime green wooden ladder | 5. CC Home Furnishings stripe rug  | 6. Jonathan Adler candle | 7. Fired Earth Victoria kitchen tiles | 8. Dualit lime green toaster | 9. Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus processor

Picture the scene: the sun is beating down on your back and you've just dipped your toes into a glistening pool for the first time this season. That's when you know summer has officially arrived, all that's needed to complete this perfect scene is a cooling cocktail that packs a colourful punch. On the menu? The Lime Divine. Lime is to turquoise like gin is to tonic, and when these two marry the result is a heady mix of colourful hues. For this reason it's best to keep your base palette neutral and fresh: think crisp white tones or matt paper white. With your blank canvas in place you can start to mix the colour cocktail with the addition of your zesty accents. Perhaps you prefer yours with two parts turquoise to one part lime? The kitchen space is for you. Like your cocktail a little more balanced? No worries, the citrus entryway is your space. Have you ever decorated with citrus hues?


  1. so cheerful! my favorite is #1. we've been looking for a bare bulb pendant like it. i haven't decorated with citrus but would love a nice neon throw (yellow orange or pink) if you have any ideas!

  2. I love that color combo.
    It's everywhere in our home.
    In fact, we're even painting our exterior those colors: bright white house, lime green trim and avery bright, turquoise door.
    It pops.
    And makes me think of Palm Springs.
    You'd love all the color in Palm Springs.
    Another great post!
    Love from,

  3. So lively and Spring inspired! I especially love that striped rug - just a hint of lime!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  4. I really like this colour combo so bright and cheerful, makes me think of summer

  5. Such a bright and bubbly post..colours so summery am dreaming of dipping my toes and GT's now! Gorgeous the big turquoise lampshade in bottom left such a happy colour.
    Carla x

  6. love and it is so true that with such strong, bold, vibrant palette, you need a neutral backdrop! I had done citrus before but in combination of yellow or pink. The palette for this season is set.. but maybe I will do that for next spring!

  7. the combination of colours is really funny)

  8. Oh I love these colours together Will! I think I need a line green toaster :)

    Abbey x

  9. Mmm, definitely need a few more pops of colour in our home for the Spring Will. It's suddenly looking a little grey and wintry inside-these are a lovely lift. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics! :-)

  10. WOW! I'll take my gin & tonic w/ Sapphire Bombay Thank You!

  11. Love this colour combo. As you point out, it would be easy to incorporate it through appliances and accessories, and therefore the palette could be changed up easily down the road.

  12. Very much liking that green esp that Jonathan Adler candle! x

  13. Love this combo! I am curious if you have any suggestions on where to find the stripe towels in the 2nd picture. I am designing a bathroom with those color combos and thought those would be a great addition!


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