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Monday, 28 May 2012

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. The beautiful architecture of this mansion in North London.
2. Taking a peaceful moment to myself as I sat under this pergola with the sun streaming through the wooden slats.
3. Loved this bright turquoise door; it was perfect for the blue sky weather we had this weekend.
4. Stopping for supplies at the deli to cook up an Italian feast!
5. Fell for these sweet little ceramics.
6. Enjoyed my walk through Hampstead Heath on Sunday afternoon - it was so hot!
7. How fun are these British themed greetings cards by Nancy & Betty Studio? Perfect for the upcoming Jubilee!
8. Like the stripes on this tie.
9. Tempted to get these washed mango table lamps.
10. These colourful bamboo bowls need an extended date with Mr. Bazaar's kitchen!


  1. Your posts never fail to cheer me up. Thank you! When I was in London last month, I saw lots of busses heading to Hamstead Heath. We don't use that word, "heath", much in the U.S. and I thought it sounded so, so romantic. Wish I had had the time to go.

  2. Ohhhh, I need those bright bamboo bowls too.
    It looks like the brightest things that you experienced this weekend was the pretty sunshine.

  3. What a weekend you had. Hampstead heath is such a great escape when the city gets too much. The Mansion is wonderful, where is it Will?

  4. The weather looks beautiful where you are Will! That blue door is fab + I love those gorgeous ceramic bowls. Hope you had a good one! xx

  5. you know I have ever been to Hampstead Heath, I must go one day. What a gorgeous weekend we had!

  6. WOW you make always such nice pics:-) NIKA

  7. Seems like you had a cool weekend. Do I spot the same Zara shirt like I have? LOL No wonder!

  8. Love the greeting cards and the lamps!!xx

  9. loving that outfit and funny I have a very similar one! Will have to take a picture and put that up on my blog in the summer! Loving that yellow tie and the bright blue door!

  10. What a stunning mansion...and hooray for summer sun!

  11. I do so love this feature, and as for those bowls - they're killing me! V x


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