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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday's Bright Links No. 78: Summer Dreams

Styled mag's sixth issue went live.
I would like to shop here, please.
Michael Graydon is a super talented photographer.
Bonnie's lovely breakfast post with Erin.
Fun and colourful DIY with a terracotta pot.

Take a peek at what I learned and loved last weekend.
Three ways to a colourful breakfast nook.
I headed over to Laura Ashley to talk about finding colour ideas.
// 1. Peggy Wong | 2. via sfgirlbybay


  1. the terracotta pot is lovely! enjoyed the colorful breakfast nook post too

  2. Thanks for posting my DIY terracotta pot Will! I'm totally loving Bonnie's breakfast post—it puts my cereal and milk to shame!

    1. Anytime! My breakfast is often cereal and yogurt, so I know what you mean! ;)

  3. That sfgirlbybay shot is amazing! The colours!!

  4. michael graydon is so very, very super talented. i've painted my pots in different types of paint - eventually it all seems to peel and age - some of it elegantly, some of it not so much! i love them the best when they've acquire a patina from english winters! happy weekend, will x

    1. Fun to read of your painting adventures, Elisa! I kinda like it when it goes all cracked and weathered with age. Have a lovely Sunday. x

  5. Michael Graydon is terrific. I finally met him and Nikole (Herriot Grace) the other day, after years of circling each other on the internet and in real Toronto-life. Super people. A good recommendation!

  6. Lovely pics! Love the tram from Portugal or at least I think it is!

    1. Yes, you are right! It was taken by the super talented Peggy Wong in Portugal. x

  7. I love that type of photography of Michael Graydon. I so need to learn more about photography! Teri

  8. The terracotta pot DIY is so fun!
    Happy Sunday!
    Rachie xo

  9. Wonderful links, Will, and I have to say that I love that photo by Peggy Wong. It's one of those I keep looking at in my inspiration folder again and again.

  10. Hello luv and happy weekend from Sweden!

    Love it when you give us a layered post like this. I clicked and clicked and clicked through all your fab links.
    IKEAs Live blog is fantastic (those Swedes hey!?)! How on Earth I had missed this magazine completely is beyond me. Caught up on all their issues in one long continous orgie of styling fun!
    Michael's work is nice. Was that Emma of the Marion House Book's bedroom I saw in there?
    Yes that breakfast post was wonderful and fresh. And how lovely were those stacked leaves in the bowl in the last photo. Like!
    Terracotta pot make over is now on my to do list thanks to you and Wit & Whistle.

    Thanks for all of this my dear and enjoy the final hour of the weekend.

    x Charlotta

  11. Thanks for the mention. Great list of links! Cheers.


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