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Saturday 3 March 2012

Happy Weekend: Organise Your Tableware

I often find time on the weekend for a little kitchen tidy up and this weekend will be no different, especially as I'm planning on baking tomorrow. As I thought about making my tablewares more accessible, I happened upon these candy coloured units stocked with an array of cheerful tableware from Rice. I started to think about displaying tableware and ways to make it look stylish yet natural, relaxed instead of untidy. My advice would be to avoid stacking everything in perfectly neat pyramids as this can create a stuffy, somewhat forced look. Sure, you'll want one or two pyramid stacks but I'd recommend creating them with items that coordinate particularly well, as these brief occurrences of perfect stacking and neatness will be what grounds the collection visually. Then, amongst these pyramid stacks, mix in other pieces of all shapes, sizes and colours to break up the linearity of the tableware. By keeping a few items in neat stacks and the other pieces stored more 'loosely', your collection will look effortlessly stylish and laid back. How do you store your tableware? Do you keep it on open shelves like this? Enjoy your weekend, friends!


  1. That will definitely be part of my spring cleaning!! Have a happy weekend my friend!

  2. What fun! These are so bright and beautiful! Happy weekend Will :)

  3. Oh, I wish I was tidy enough for open shelves. Yikes. I love how this looks. It will be a spring cleaning kind of weekend around here too. Have a good weekend Will!

  4. I agree there is an art to diplaying kitchen and dining ware.
    I like to have clusters in loosely coordinating colours or designs but the thing that prevents it looking messy is to have clear areas where the eye can rest......I LoVe to have things on display but can't stand it to look too spread out or cluttered!
    Have a great day baking tomorrow. I always feel more inspired to cook when I've decorated up the kitchen too!
    Tania Maree xx

  5. I LOVE these dishes! Thanks for introducing me to a new site! whoo hooo!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry about the previous deleted comment :)...chihuahuas on laps = crazy typos! :)

    We are still settling in here in the new house and being mega inspired by British and Norwegian kitchens,open shelving was a must for me...even if that only meant 2 IKEA Lack shelves that could be merchandised seasonally. I adore the look of stacked bowls and groupings of candy colored kitchen bits. Unfussy and lived in yet carefully edited (wink).

    This photo is pure eye candy!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!! Happy Baking!!
    Love from NJ,
    xo Jenny Holiday

  8. If my tableware was anything as cute as these, I'd definitely want to display it out in the open!

  9. Have a good wekend! the kitchen is so tidy.

  10. So many bright colors!! I seriously have to do something with my old tupperware hidden in the kitchen cabinets..
    Enjoy your weekend Will! (baking I hear?! I'd love some please;)

  11. I have to do this about once a month...we have all exposed shelves in the kitchen (not even one cabinet) so I need it to look tidy. I have a pantry with a door, thank god, which stores food and other pieces like the blender etc. that I don't need on the shelf. When I feel the kitchen out of sorts I always go right to the shelves and spruce them up...great tips! Happy weekend dear!

  12. i love open shelving for my crockery, i miss my london kitchen for it's little open narrow country shelves, rows of them almost to the ceiling, where i could stack beautiful things. such a pleasure. x

  13. No real open shelving here, only three tiny shelves I rotate pretty things on to bring some colour to our quite minimalist kitchen. One day I'd like some open shelving, I love the relaxed look of it and since I love to collect all sorts of crockery it'd be nice to have it on display. :-)

  14. How fun are these dishes? And that pink it.

  15. These tableware are so bright and fun! Love the colors and the styling!

    Have a good day, Will!


  16. What a dreamy cabinet! Such an eye-catching stuff, so fresh and happy colours!! Love Rice-everything! ;)
    Thanks for the advice! Have a beautiful week! xo


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