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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blog Tour NYC Sponsor: Blanco

When I was researching Blanco America before writing this post I discovered an amazing fact - since 1925 when the company was founded they have manufactured over 40 million sinks. Cripes! As well as sinks, the company also make their Solon Compost system, which is designed to help people compost at home by storing your kitchen waste below the worktop. Worried about smells? Yeah, I was too at first but no fear - they are sealed by a stainless steel top when not is use the system stopping the odours from escaping. I think this is such a great idea. My friend has one in her place in Italy and it makes clearing up when cooking so much more efficient when it comes to recycling. As if Blanco's practical functionality wasn't enough, they've impressed Mr. Bazaar that bit more by manufacturing their sinks in stylish, subtle colours such as Truffle, Biscotti and Anthracite (Great names!)
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