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Monday 23 January 2012

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. This striking cluster of pendant shades and exposed bulbs in a central London bar.
2. Marking recipes I'd like to try in my new cookbook by Tana Ramsey on Saturday morning.
3. Seeing the exposed bulbs inspired me to find ones for the flat; I loved this table lamp.
4. I like the colours and patterns on these quirky and fun 'biscuit' pillows.
5. Framed my new print from Evermade UK.
6. Headed out for a walk on Saturday afternoon in my favourite blue and white stripes!
7. How awesome is the February O Magazine cover that was hand drawn with chalk by Dana Tanamachi? (Photo: Ruven Alfanador, Set design: Sam Cook, Lettering: Dana Tanamachi)
8. Would love to own this beat pendant shade by Tom Dixon one day.
9. Love these iron and twine nesting baskets.
10. This parcel label-shaped card with Manhattan's neighbourhoods marked on it is rather fun!


  1. Oh Evermade - I still need to frame my print!! Lovely ideas!!

  2. I still can't get over the cover of O. I may go as far to say its the best yet.
    This round up has left with me with a list of links I MUST visit.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. As always your 10Things brightens my Sunday evening :)
    Absolutely in *love* with Dana Tanamachi's work... 1st in West Elm's Christmas catalog and now O!

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  5. Nice stripes! I kind of wish those cushions were really edible, though.

  6. so loved reading this post!

    great blog!

  7. Oh how I love these posts! You shine up the day :)

  8. It is so hot here at the moment Will and seeing you in your very stylish winter jacket makes me long for just one day of cooler temperatures! Great post - loving those manhattan labels :)

    Abbey x

  9. Love your new print, it looks fab! That O cover also looks amazing too, I can't believe it's all in chalk! xx

  10. Love all the pendants and the print. Wise words on a Monday :)

    Have a FAB dag, Will!
    Nina xx

  11. Hi Will, absolutely love the 'O Magazine' cover. I've got a real thing for handwriting at the moment and this is a really unique way to do a cover. Also love the biscuit cushions, I saw Nikki Williams work at Top Drawer last week, so talented.

  12. I love nesting baskets! Have a nice week!

  13. the cover of O is beautiful, love it!

    what?!! you like stripes?!! I had NO idea! ;-)

  14. That O cover is killer-- and last time I was in Manhattan I bought that card at ABC carpet and home! and you look rad in stripes! duh!! xoxo ~J

  15. That Oprah cover is so unexpected, I love it!

  16. That is a real creative challenge to have Oprah on the cover of every single O issue.. so happy to see some artists getting play time.. and one of the best designs yet ...handmade too*! LOVE it.

  17. Those pillows are so cute! For one minute I thought you had been eating teacakes!! x

  18. Great! You gave me some ideas to incorporate into my Chicago remodeling business! Thanks!

  19. Oh, how much I love Oprah! she is one of the best. ;-)
    greetings from germany, geisslein

  20. I love that Oprah cover too! I think it`s one of her best. Such fun and lively colours and I`d like to wear her skirt to go dancing in.


  21. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, folks! xx

  22. I love your outfit Mr Bazaar... will be creating my own in sth like that too..... thankyou for the inspiration! :)


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