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Monday, 16 January 2012

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. This beautiful sunrise made an early start on Sunday all the more worthwhile.
2. Candy coloured facades are such a joy!
3. Wrapping parcels for a friend by candlelight was surprisingly restful.
4. Liked the blue and yellow hue of this barge I walked past on Friday evening.
5. I love the sentiment behind this mini goals chalkboard.
6. Spots, stripes and colour? This tableware is perfect for Mr. Bazaar!
7. Love these happy sailing cards from one fine day.
8. Like the sleek packaging on this toiletries range from Conran.
9. Navy and spotty? Major tie win!
10. Used some Christmas vouchers to get these limited edition tan leather briefcase.


  1. Oh I love all of your things this weekend!

  2. grate weekend, i always look forward to your posts they make me smile:)

  3. Those cards are great, but I think that the striped dishes steal this show.

  4. that leather briefcase is gorgeous!

  5. Looks a fun weekend! Love the mini chalkboard.

  6. This is my favourite post of the week!!! I'm in love with the striped bowls and the mini chalkboard - so adorable!!!

  7. I love the striped, dotted dishes! Reminds me so much of a piece my sister painted for me. Also that mini goals chalkboard is fantastic, I definitely want that! I feel like it would be very motivating to have my to-do list right in front of me on a chalkboard. I love these posts!

  8. It's the little things, isn't it!? Like the packaging on that soap dispenser, it just puts you in a good mood when you're doing mundane things like washing your hands!:) Great picks!

  9. Loving those cute bowls Will. Hope you had a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  10. That shot of the sky is incredible! Love those striped dishes and your new briefcase is very stylish. Hope your week is off to a great start Will xx

  11. I'd say I completely agree with your striped mugs and polka dot's your style. I did some shopping this weekend. Anthropology clearance!

  12. love your early morning sunrise pic!! so much beauty early in the am.

  13. Love these West Elm bowls!
    So colorful & yummy <3
    much love, XO

    - Urska @

  14. Beautiful clouds! Love the happy sailing cards. In fact, I love everything from One Fine Day.

  15. Candlelight makes everything better. What a lovely weekend!

  16. I saw those mugs in person at West Elm a few weeks back and they really are delightful. Too bad my mug cabinet is already shamefully overstuffed (aka I'm a hoarder).


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