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Monday, 19 December 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. How lovely are these simple 'dot' mugs in the Little Fine Day store?
2. Celebrating my friend's return from Sydney with the super tacky banner I made to greet her with at the airport on Saturday!
3. I simply have to find time to try out these super colourful and fun DIY crackers.
4. Loved the blue hue on these alphabet trays from West Elm.
5. The gorgeous turquoise hue of this facade on Carnaby Street.
6. On a scale of one to ten, how lovely is the 2012 calendar from Simply Breakfast? Errrm, twenty! Love it!
7. I'm tempted to order one of these personalised holiday stamps.
8. This retro-inspired clock would be fun for my kitchen.
9. I'm loving this beautifully packaged set from Heyland and Whittle.
10. What could be better than one owl? Three!


  1. These mugs are not only bright but happy too:-) And the welcome sign is fabulously cheesy - well done:-)

  2. The owls and calendar are my faves of the batch. The dot mugs are pretty swish too!

  3. Ok that calendar is gorgeous, I must get one! Love those little owls and clock for your kitchen. Hope you had a brilliant weekend Will! :) xx

  4. Everbody is crazy busy this time of the year and you find (no TAKE!) the time to make a welcome sign for your friend! You are something extra. Mr. Bright.

    Warm hugs,



  5. This is one of my favorite of your weekend posts ever!

  6. Love the mugs! And what a brilliant poster!

  7. Love your poster, I think it's fabulous! Sure your friend loved it too! The owls are too cute! Have a happy week!

  8. Loving the spot mugs, rustic yet colourful! And a calendar devoted entirely to breakfast? Brilliant...x

  9. @Igor - Happy and bright... perfect combo!

    @Janis, Rachel - The calendar is divine, isn't it!

    @Mon, Hannah, Lana - It was so fun to do and caused quite a stir in the arrivals hall of Heathrow! ;) xx

    @Tommy - Thank you!

    @Little tree - That is a great description of the mugs!

  10. Loving those owls Will. And your sign is pretty hilarious too! Bet your friend loved the warm welcome home :)

    Abbey x

  11. Love the simply breakfast calendar!!! It's a good idea!

  12. jajaja, I can see I´m not the only one that loves the wrapped packages from mini eco.
    Beautiful the muggs and the little plates. I always want to make some pottering works but I never remember to do it (I know it sounds crazy but, that´s me, my head is somewhere else except on my shoulders).


  13. The sign is so cool! Would love to be welcomed like that!! Loving those stamps too
    Rachie xo

  14. Will, I love seeing the mugs here among the other goodies :) Thank you!

  15. I loved those little owls too!! I actually have one and love him :)

  16. You have the most beautiful posts... typography, images and all! You never disappoint. Thanks for the fun ideas!

  17. I NEED those fantastic little mugs! Perfect for a hot toddy, mmm.

  18. I love those mugs. Hope you had a great weekend!

  19. As usual, a wonderful list of fantastic finds, Will! Love the DIY crackers and thoroughly smitten with the calendar! :)

  20. how thoughtful for u to make that banner for ur friend's arrival!

  21. Love those mugs! And your enthusiastic welcome home sign. Man, when I get my butt back to England, you best be waiting at Heathrow with one for me ;)

  22. Love Ana's The Pond Shop! Such a pretty site and she finds incredible things and takes beautiful photos!

  23. Will - Thanks so much for showing my little brass owls some love! They were quickly snatched up so I'll have to keep any eye out for more :)


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