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Monday, 12 December 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Loved the little card and Christmas tree-shaped flash drive my friend at Anthropologie UK sent me.
2. Mr. Bazaar's favourite pair of polka dot socks finally gave in and split at the heel - so sad!
3. Loved this owl ornament that I saw on Friday night hanging on the Mini Moderns Christmas tree at their open studio event...
4. ...where I bought their Six of One mug as a nod to my love of chickens!
5. Taking time out to do a little crafting on Saturday was so much fun (if a little chilly)!
6. Arranging my new merry-go-round ornaments on the bookcase.
7. Annemarie from Scouts Honor Co. has opened a darling online store - this print is my top pick!
8. I like the simplicity of this school-style chair.
9. I have become totally addicted to scented candles, especially my latest buy from Sparrow & Co.
10. BoConcept stock some lovely candlestick holders.


  1. thanks for sharing! absolutely lovely stuff :)

  2. Those merry-go-round ornaments are so lovely! I'm additcted to scented candles too :) xx

  3. Love the school chair! I rescued an old double school desk and use it as a dressing table- the chair would go perfectly with it!

    Have a fab week!

  4. What fun! I love the Winter poster - so festive! Happy holidays Will!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  5. I absolutely love the Merry Go Round ornaments! May I know where did you get them?

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  6. @Beh1nd, Lexi - Thank you for reading!

    @Rachel - I'm worryingly addicted... first thing I do when I walk through the front door is light one! xx

    @Hannah - Your old school desk sounds lovely! Enjoy your week, too!

    @Allison - Be sure to check out some of the cards that Scouts Honor Co. stock, they have such fun designs! xx

    @Jessie - Thanks! I bought them from a Christmas market in Munich! xx

  7. See so much more exciting weekend than mine! The fabulous mug's from mini moderns - in the pic you have a blue wall - LOVE LOVE LOVE - kinda on a blue phase at the moment. P.s the creative Inc book is good isn't it?

  8. Hi Will - I adore the tiny merry go round ornaments and that chair. Happy week to you, hope the big chill hasn't set in quite yet:)

  9. I love the school chair, it's so simple and chic!!!

  10. @Mary - Thanks, Mary! I do love that blue wall... I think it was a shade from Crown but I could be mistaken! Yes, Creative Inc is fab.

    @Anya - I love the colours and hand painted detail on them. It's pretty chilly here in London, hope it's not too cold where you are! xx

    @Deborah - I like how it's colourful yet pared back and simple at the same time.

  11. Ah the scented candle is amazing. Such a perfect after-work treat to relax at home. Plus the merry-go-round ornaments look fab on your bookcase! Have a great week!

  12. Hey Will. Hope you had a great weekend. Those Christmas Cards from Anthropologie are so cute. Love the candle sticks too... great little collection of colours :)

  13. Okay that crafting picture is lovely!!!! What project were you doing????

  14. dear mr. bazaar's polka-dot sock. please tell mr. bazaar that he can still save you!
    sounds like a sweet weekend. x

  15. What an inspired weekend Will :) Love that chair and those candle holders. Have a fabulous week :)

    Abbey x

  16. @Igor - Thanks, friend! I keep putting them in new places but think this spot is my fave!

    @Stuart, Abbey - Hey! Lovely weekend thanks. Hope you did as well? I'd like a little collection of those BoConcept candlestick holders for my windowsill. Time to start saving!

    @Lenya - I was spray painting a frame white to place a festive print inside for a little vignette in my apartment. :)

    @Elisa - You are the saviour of my favourite pair of socks - thank you!

  17. Thanks for featuring my candle, Will - I'm so pleased you like it.

    Have a lovely day.

    Samuel x

  18. Will, i love the round ornaments, where are they from? (I'm sure you have already replied!sorry!)

  19. Your weekend was a bliss, Will! Can't decide if I like more the sweet Christmas card or the ornaments, one thing I know is that I'm so sad about your polka dot socks :). Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  20. @Samuel - Anytime. x

    @Helena - I bought them at a Munich Christmas market! x

    @Ludmilla - I'm so sad about the socks but think I might be able to darn them! Hope you had a lovely weekend. xo

  21. Aww, those merry go round ornaments are so sweet! Where did you find them?

  22. awesome finds and so sorry about the blue polka dot socks :)

  23. Aren't scented candles amazing? They seem so much better during the holidays, too, for some reason! :)

  24. Curious what you are crafting...looks cool!

  25. ;( for the sock..time to break out the sewing machine! Love the little merry-go-round ornaments, little touches scattered around the home is the perfect example of less is more!! xo

  26. I really love your layout today Will!

  27. I love the cards ... and I think you deserve another pair of polka-dot socks ;-)


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