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Monday, 14 November 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Loved the orange and blue colour combination on this wardrobe in the Toast catalogue.
2. Pleased that it's now cold enough to wear chunky knit jumpers!
3. Taking a boat down the river on Sunday morning to the Tate Britain to see the Romantics exhibition.
4. How fun is this colourful diamond rug from Zara Home Kids?
5. Love these painted mango wood bowls.
6. I sent one of these Frances & Francis cards to my brother last week. They're pretty ace, right?! I love the detail on the envelope lining.
7. Seriously tempted to order some of these reindeer paper clips.
8. Thinking about adding this hurricane lamp to my candle holder collection.
9. This anchor tray would be an ideal stocking filler!
10. I'd be so happy to find the Conran bear under the tree this Christmas.


  1. Love the mango wood bowls and the cards! So adorable!! Thanks for sharing:-) Igor xoxo

  2. I first thought 'reindeer in a jar'? Novel idea?? The fact they're actually paper clips is brilliant!
    That hurricane lamp is so right. Would love one for my candle holder collection too!

  3. love the sweater/jumper!! such a great vintage pattern!

  4. The hurricane lamp is really pretty!

  5. i like the zara kids rug...and a lot of their accesories!

  6. OMGosh the paper clips, Will! How perfect are they for the winter holidays! Followed your link ... they sell them here in the US. I am so getting a jar!

    Warm hugs and happy new week.


  7. Love your sweater Will - in stark contrast it is boiling hot here! Those cards are so cute and I love the cute reindeer paper clips! xx

  8. Love love love those Francis & Francis cards! Must order a few soon :)


  9. The reindeer paper clips would definitely brighten up my day at the office- love!

  10. I love everything but specially your knit jumper!

  11. @Igor, Karla - The envelope lining takes them to the next level! xo

    @Maryann, Mon, Hannah - I know, right! They are super fun.

    @Heather, Rachel, Deborah - Thank you! It's certainly very cosy to wear.

    @Suzy - I know, I'm quite tempted to get one.

    @Julia - Zara Home Kids always has plenty of fun and colourful accessories.

  12. I love the reindeer paper clips, too! Perfect like Christmas-nerds like me! :-D

  13. I wish Jayson home was inn the UK - no fair really. Love the anchor tray and that would have made it to my Christmas list ;)

  14. @Eva - I'm a total Christmas nerd, too! ;)

    @Mary - You and me both, Mary, you and me both!

  15. Great round up as always Will! Loving those wooden bowls and bright diamond rug :)

    Abbey x

  16. Those paperclips are stinkin' cute!

    Huh. We just cut down half ou mango tree (city views!). Maybe I should have made some bowls. Or plates. Or...not.

    Love that rug though, might have to investigate that little charmer.

  17. I am loving the cooler weather also! I flew in from Seville last night and to wake up this morning to cool, leaf changing NY weather is magical. xo

  18. you are so adorable and full of life! thanks for brightening my day and the reminder to appreciate moments and details.

  19. I love the whole list but can we talk about those paperclips? How cute would it be to incorporate them into holiday cards? Love!

  20. HI Will, love your round up!! Colour and chunky sweaters. Great combination.. Love the pic of you too.. So cute.. Carla x

  21. Looking very dapper Will!
    I also <3 the Zara Kids rug.

  22. After a looooong move from Boston to Austin, I discovered our giant glass hurricane shattered. That mercury glass one would be a pretty replacement!

  23. The bear is adorable! So sweet and great picture of you with the winter jumper!
    Rachie xo

  24. @Abbey - The Toast bowls are brill!

    @Kathryn - Defo investigate the rug, it's even better in real life.

    @White Tapestry - I like it to be cold at this time of year, it's not right if it's hot! ;)

    @julie - Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!

    @Amanda - Yes we can - LOVE that idea!

    @Carla, Hoola Tallulah - Thank you! xo

    @ veronica - The envelope lining makes the cards so special.

    @Kirsten - Sorry that your old one broke, hopefully you can replace it with the one from The White Company.

  25. @Rachie - Thanks, hun. I fell in love with the Conran bear when I saw it in the window on the weekend... so cute! xo

  26. thanks for the links..I ordered those deer paper clips for a friend who is a hunter..perfect gift!

  27. ha! what a cute birthday suit card. :)

  28. Those cards are awesome! New fave! Cool anchor piece, too.


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