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Monday, 7 November 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. I loved this new take on After 10 Chocolates by Jamie Oliver. I'm already a total chocolate addict and this didn't help! (Styling by Sarah Tlidesley, Photography by David Loftus)
2. Remember the red door I loved a few weeks back? Well, this yellow one I saw in Richmond on Sunday is now fighting for my affections, too!
3. How opulent are these gold brushed bowls from Harabu House?
4. Enjoyed talking a walk along the Thames in Richmond on Sunday afternoon. The sun's rays looked pretty as they peeked through the clouds.
5. My favourite pair of red, white and navy socks always make me smile.
6. Went to see The Help for a second time; such a thought-provoking, amusing and moving movie.
7. Seriously tempted by this striking La Lune print.
8. I think I've found the right rug to go in the bedroom.
9. This jumper from Reiss looks colourful and cosy - perfect for Mr. Bazaar!
10. There's something charming about this two-seater Chesterfield.


  1. Those chocolate delights are such an indulgence but oh so mouth watering!
    As for favourite socks.....I'm sure everyone loves to slip into their very own super comfy pair.Love the stripes!

  2. David is a great guy and a talented photographer! Sarah used to work for the brit photographer I work with here, she's very talented. nice post! xo

  3. If I had more money, Toast would be my favourite shop. I order their catalogs just to look at the beautiful photos. I have been looking at a reindeer rug to, but from a Swedish department store. They are so cosy!

    Love the two-seater Chesterfield as well!

  4. I haven't seen The Help, but if you have now seen it twice I'm intrigued! Love the La Lune print and the yellow door! Hope you are having a fab Monday xx

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  6. I loved The Help book, I really must get round to seeing the film!

    Love the grown up treat! Yum.

  7. LOVE the socks and the jumper : )
    And the gold brushed bowls.... just lovely!

    Wishing you a colorful,
    happy new week : )


  8. Really like the cow rug from Toast. I have one in the lounge in brown which looks really nice but I really like the colour of this one

  9. Hello lovely.

    I agree with you (as usual!) and share a deep love for Jamie's treats (both chocolate and less sugary ones..) yellow doors (insta' smile!), and walks in Richmond.
    I am also drooling over reindeer skins right now and have found one that will look heave on my sofa for Winter (so Scandi right!?!).
    A Chesterfield is also on my wishlist - I am dreaming of a vintage, worn one in cognac leather. YUM!

    Not so happy hugs (my husband had to go back to Australia on Saturday) from Sweden.

    xx C

  10. So much to love and a sweet post to you on my blog today :) Happy monday! xx Jeanette

  11. I really need to get along and see the help! Everyone seems to love it. Those chocolates and that yellow door are looking particularly good Will!

    Abbey x

  12. @Maryann - Thanks, they are my favourite pair!

    @Annette - Thanks, hun. Hope the dinner party went well this weekend!

    @Jamie - Oh, I know. Toast are fantastic, right!

    @Rachel - Defo go and see it if you can. And, yes, the yellow door is a beauty! xx

    @Hannah - I plan on reading the book now I've seen the film!

    @Maria - Yes, those Harabu House bowls are BRILLIANT!

    @Karine - I've had my eye on the reindeer rug from Toast for some time. Perfect for the bedroom!

    @Charlotta - Sending you a big hug from Londontown. Hope you will find lots of time for skype calls with your chap. Let's hope the next few months fly by so you can be together again. xx

    @Jeanette - Thank you for your kind and generous words about B.B in your post today! xx

    @Abbey - I was in love with the yellow door the moment I saw it! Have a fab week!

  13. oh! i just loved the movie 'the help' read the book and just saw the movie recently too! the book really adds to the movie. did you read it?

    love everything else as usual. i need to spend a weekend in your shadows so i can love and learn all these amazing things too!

  14. Loving the yellow!!! Perfect day for it too as I have on my yellow stockings. Everything just looks so lovely!

  15. Too much goodness! I am a yellow door freak and this is definitely a new fave. So sunny! The La Lune print? Yes, please. And that Reiss sweater reminds me so much of the Jil Sander ones that I'm stupid crazy about. Makes me wish it were for girls. ;)

  16. I've always fancies a yellow front door, this one is particularly grand!

  17. @Micheal - I've not read it yet but plan to now that I've seen the film. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Cait - Yellow is such a happy colour!

    @Amanda - You should order it anyway! Boys jumpers can look fab on girls as well, I think!

  18. @Caroline - Imagine walking up to that yellow door everyday? It would make the most overcast of days sunny!

  19. Those socks are fantastic, but I REALLY love those shoes. Time to go shopping for the mister! ;)

  20. I'm going to watch the help on Wednesday, cant wait, especially if you watched it twice! I saw your Laura Ashley post, cute!!

  21. @Camille - Thanks! The shoes are from Topman if you're after a similar pair :)

    Helena - I think you will like it - let me know what you think!

  22. Love your socks (and shoes)! And those gold lined bowls are so pretty...perfect for the holidays. Looks like you had a colorful weekend! XO, Katie

  23. love this idea! All your finds are amazing -- specifically the rug!

  24. @Katie - Thanks re: shoes. They were from Topman! The bowls are fab, huh! Thanks for stopping by! xo

    @Julia - I am soooo tempted by the rug... would be perfect in the bedroom!

  25. Also loving the yellow door. The chocolates look divine. Is there a recipe from Jamie?

  26. @annporter -Yes, the yellow door is very lovely! Re: recipe: yep, it's inside the December issue of Jamie magazine.

  27. a friend of mine just lent me "the help" for my upcoming trip. can't wait to dig into it!

  28. The Help finally arrived in Dubai and I saw it this weekend - loved it! I totally think you should buy the La Lune print :)

  29. @Peggy - You'll have to let me know what the book is like; heard it's excellent.

    @Lisa - Glad you enjoyed the film as well!

  30. I've had my eye on the moon print for awhile. Growing up, we had a stunning photograph of the earth captured from outer space hanging in our hallway: this reminds me of that in all of its majestic awesomeness. Our universe is pretty amazing, huh?

  31. @Kayla - Definately, I think it's fascinating. You should get the print as a memory of your childhood home!

  32. How do I get in on that grown-up treat?! That looks amazing!

    LOVED The Help, too!



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