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Monday, 10 October 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. OK, so I found my Front Door of the Future - love the bold red against the whitewashed brick. And those railings? Amazing.
2. I spotted this 'Florists Packing Issue' sign painted onto a wall in east London and thought it was quite interesting.
3. Loved these colourful jotters from Wit and Whistle.
4. I fell for these beautiful bowls in Anthropologie.
5. Walking along the Southbank after the theatre on Friday night felt really romantic - special thanks to the twinkling white lights in the trees.
6. You can't beat a Sunday afternoon walk in the park; here I am with my favourite Mini Moderns swag bag in toe!
7. On Friday night I saw a play which is up there in my top three: The Kitchen. A mesmerising, wonderfully choreographed play that is both funny and moving - I loved it. (Photo by Marc Brenner)
8. How fun are these notebook bags?
9. These Nordic Print Earmuffs have my name all over them.
10. Loved this owl mug.


  1. I'm dying over this door, Will! And you look lovely:)

  2. i love your post, they always make me smile.

  3. Yummies photos! Love that red door, it's so.. thin. : )
    Will, congrats on being hgtv's blogger of the month! Shouldn't it be blogger of the year though? ;p

  4. Love the bright red door. Red it totally my favorite accent color!

  5. I need those ear muffs! Then I would be completely set for winter. Perfect!

  6. That is a fabulous door Will!

    Abbey x

  7. Gorgeous door. I saw a yellow glossy one (only on Pinterest unfortunately!) and feel in love this week.

  8. Fabulous door, can see why your in love! Such a gorgeous shots of you Will :) xx

  9. I love that owl! And the website is pretty fab too, dangerous for shopping!x

  10. Very cool red door! Seems like a fab weekend!

  11. Looks like a great weekend Will...I always love seeing what great things and places you've explored!

  12. I'm dying to paint my front door RED! Thanks for finally convincing me!

    ps you looks super adorable, Will!!

  13. oh man you are such a cutie. Lovin' that red door!!

  14. That owl mug is super cute and I also love those trees with the fairy lights. So romantic!
    Rachie xo

  15. I'm with everyone here. Red door with the gold accents and iron railings. So freaken fab! And I think I'm gonna run and get a "Will" stripey tee for myself. You look great!

  16. you've got excellent style!! i would love to get a pair of your shoes for my husband!!
    xo ~ kristina

  17. Lovely list.
    I like the 10 things weekend posts. such a clever idea to recap your weekend! Nice inspirations on here!


  18. ok, I'll take that front door color, too! donna

  19. That door is the perfect shade of red. Man, what is it about bright cherry red that's so appealing?! Insta-happiness.

  20. My door is exactly the same as this one (I am only speaking about the door), same color, same structure, except the top panels are windows... And yes, I love it :-D I love all the comments above because in our village, this red door is so much a subject of conversation...


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