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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Happy Weekend: Cosy Autumnal Bedroom

Goodness me, I am so pleased that the weekend has finally arrived. This week has been non-stop with back-to-back London Design Festival events and an ever-rising workload. I feel in need of some quiet and peaceful downtime; a few hours spent lazing around in my PJs with good books and hot coffee for company. The whimsical wallpaper and luxurious textiles (not to mention that divine wingback chair) make this bedroom the perfect place to escape for a few restorative hours. What are your plans this weekend, friends?


  1. I could sleep here all weekend :)
    L O V E L Y!

    Happy weekend.

  2. That room looks so inviting. I adore this time of year. Hello autumn!
    I'll be checking out a cute vintage market spread out over a pretty field. I hope the rain holds off. ;)

  3. Plans include shopping at Whole Foods and getting some yummy apple cider and an iced latte (where i currently live it's still warm, but i really miss autumn back home!) autumn is still in my blood, so it would lovely to spend a day this weekend in pyjamas and light warm scented soy candles! xx

  4. I like very much this cozy bedroom
    Fran (Etxekodeco)

  5. Oh that blue chair and wall treatment!

  6. so cozy! we are planning a few hours by the pool, a few yoga classes, and some good dim sum :)
    xo allison

    Spicer + Bank

  7. Oh im exactly where you are, in need of some me time and with this months LivingEtc having just landed on my doorstep im boiling the kettle as we speak for a few hours of glossy paged goodness!x

  8. PJs with good books and hot coffee sounds good to me! Not sure about the wall paper though- have seen it before and find it slightly unnerving.. like being stuck in Alice in Wonderland...

  9. Adore the leather chair!!

    Reading, The Plaza Art Fair, I am having my favorite coffee with soy Vanilla right now!

    Art by Karena

  10. Mr. Bright - remember me !(:

    Pyjama time over here too!

    Handsome blue chair.

    Hope all is well. And that you are not too burned out being part of a zillion (fab) projects!

    Warm hugs,


  11. That is a LOVELY room! love the chair, walls, and comforter...

    we are getting our new kitty used to us... a neighbor left her behind so what to do except adopt her :).

    we always saw her in the window on the first floor... now she has a 2nd floor view :)

    xo xo from Miami Beach

  12. that room looks a little chilly to me but i would really give anything to go to a cottage like place and curl up and read in a bed like that.

    so glad fall is here!

  13. That is pretty much exactly how I felt before this weekend! But it was amazing. Sometimes you just need a break. ... and this room is incredible. All the textures, DEPTH, and layers are making my head spin :)

  14. I love the combo of this room it works so well.

  15. no, no's still summer here: yesterday I was sun bathing in front of the sea.

  16. This bedroom is absolutely amazing! I cannot get enough of that wallpaper!!


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