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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday's Bright Links No.49: Fisherman's Cottage

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The sun-soaked, saturated hues inspired me in this post about my highlights from a trip to Menorca, Spain.
RICE's colourful and quirky autumn/winter 2011 collection.
Loved these six tablescape inspirations from BHLDN decor.
It's always inspiring to see how one room can so different with a new palette of paints - here's one room, four ways.
Cabbages and Roses' latest collection is a feast of country-style pattern and soft colours.
Colour Palette: Turquoise, Yellow and Orange.
Embracing Blue.

I can't wait to have an excuse to make this number pinata!
Enjoyed these beauitful photographs of La Rochelle, France.
Tempted to make these mini milkshake shooters that I found over on Rachie's blog.
I pulled together my best lighting picks from the current trend for the filament bulb.


  1. I SO enjoy your Sunday links Will!

  2. I loved the BHLND tablescapes as well. Happy Sunday.

    Lisa x

  3. i need another cup of coffee (too early!). for some reason, i was expecting to see pina coladas when i clicked on the number pinata link! :) but, to my pleasure and surpirse, i was happy to see... PINATAS! jordan's number pinata project is sheer brilliance! i LOVE the paper crepe colors she chose to use, too.

  4. @Katrina - I agree, it's utterly wonderful. So whimsical and fun!

  5. Adore those gold-tipped glass jars. Such a glam take on a utilitarian object!

  6. Thanks for linking to me hun!! I am also loving that pinata make - how fabulous! xo

  7. love love love the glass jars + bottles by tomas kral!!! and thanks for the mention will - thrilled that you've been enjoying my travelogue! :) xx


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