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Thursday 14 July 2011

Styling Inspirations: Habitat (1964 - 2011)

Yesterday I headed over to Poppytalk to write about my experiences with British brand Habitat, which has recently entered administration. While three central London stores will remain open, the rights to the brand and the three remaining stores has been bought my the Home Retail Group, so it's like the company's products will take on a new direction. Despite feeling that the company had lost it's way in recent years, I've always been an enthusiast of the iconic brand and there's no denying that Habitat played a large part in inspiring me to pursue a career in prop styling. That said, I do believe that closing was the right decision. Head over here to read my thoughts on the closure. What do you think about Habitat closing?


  1. I'm not too familiar with the Habitat brand but I love what I'm seeing here. The styling is gorgeous.

  2. I so agree with you Will. It's a real shame! In Europe, we cant deny how influential Terence Conran and Habitat were to the world of design.
    I know for sure that if it wasn't for Habitat's cool concept and designs a few years back that lured me into the creative & inspiring world of design, we wouldn't have launched our own concept store BODIE and FOU and I think it's really sad that such a brand is going down

  3. such a shame, I have loved habitat since I was a kid and loved browsing the Barcelona stores. Is this only happening in the UK?

  4. @Helena - Yes, it's only in the UK. Full statement on their website:

  5. Oh, what a shame. There's still Conran shop.

  6. I'm really sad it's closing, loved their products, I used to work there when I was a student a really long time ago and loved it!

  7. Habitat was the mecca for young, relatively impecunious design and design-conscious. In the 1970s everything in my kitchen - French porcelain, "bistro" cutlery, even tea towels - was from Habitat. At the time there was nothing like it. The Habitat cafe was the Saturday afternoon place to go if one was gay. That soon ended when it was made very clear we we not wanted. From then onwards I never went back to shop at Habitat.

  8. Loved this post Will and commented yesterday. Such a shame - it will be missed!
    Rachie xo

  9. It's really a shame -- I have always been inspired by Habitat. I love their styling and photography. They also played a prominent role in my inspiration boards - and my blog
    I hope they find their focus in a new partnership & come back in a fresh and new way. Change isn't always a bad thing.


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