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Friday 22 July 2011

Debenhams' Key A/W 2011 Trends

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In a recent interview with the Independent I mentioned how many department stores on the UK high street are improving their homeware offering with more trend-led ranges and stylish basics. Debenhams is a case in point of this, their A/W 2011 collection comprises of four very different themes, all stylish in their own right. I've named them Ruby Romantic, City Slicker, Classic Graphic and Country Casual - which theme would you buy from? For me, it's a two horse race between the urban feel of City Slicker and the pack-a-punch patterns seen in Classic Graphic (I love that mug!). As always at department stores, they key is to choosing carefully, sift through the ranges until you find a hidden gem. Debenhams, for example, excells in the textiles area, so I've pulled together my top cushion market picks, with great buys for the playroom, study, bedroom and beyond. Do you have a top pillow pick?


  1. I like Ruby Romantic and the Classic Graphic, the later reminds me of Jonathan Adler pieces. The colours of the Ruby Romantic look great - but it would be interesting to see the products and feel the quality.

    I like the clean lines of City Slicker but fear the city graphics could end up lookig naff longterm.

    Country Casual isn't for me, it looks like a rehash of something Emma Bridgewater etc would do.

    As you say though pick and chooose and you can find some real winners on the high street.

  2. City Slicker and Classic Graphic for me too. I like the telephone cushion.

    Country casual has just been done SO many times - they could at least put a new spin on it - who comes up with these ideas??!

    We went home shopping the other day on the high street and it was awful! So depressing (with the exception of Zara Home which at least have some original pieces!) Its one for us to discss on our next catch up!!
    Rachie xo

  3. @ Andrew, Rachie - I agree, Country Casual isn't for me either. I think the main point is that if we look back at their home range for the last five years or so, then this is a vast improvement. Plus, they are targetting a very different market to the likes of Zara Home, Heals etc.

    @Rachie - Looking forward to our next dinner date! xx

  4. I have to agree about the Country Casuals - although I tend to love the country feel, Debenhams are going a little bit down the 'twee' road... I think even M&S did it better. I adore the cushion with the typewriter on - I think it would look great on a battered old leather armchair in an office.
    Happy weekend!

  5. A mix of the first 3 for me! Love the typewriter cushion, very cute!

  6. The vintage typewriter printed pillow is an inspiration.

  7. Cute stuff! Love the market picks and the classic graphic!



  8. Hi Will, when do you think the next collection will hit the stores?

  9. I love City Slicker and Classic Graphic, these are the things I would buy for my home. And your pillow selections? Super fabulous to the max!

    Have a great weekend, Will!


  10. Ah. Can I have all of those pillows? :) Such a lovely, adorable post. Love your blog!

  11. Want, want, want the typewriter and phone cushions please!! Jane @ the girl in the brick house


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