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Friday 20 May 2011

Three Inspirations: Dramatic Black, Floristy & Reading Nook

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I don't think I'll ever tire of that Friday feeling, will you? This week I've felt particularly inspired by black walls, especially this bedroom with its circus-themed typography that makes a quirky and imaginative statement on the feature wall. Those who have been reading for a while will know how much I adore fresh blooms, so no surprise that this delightful florist's space caught my eye. Finally, a colourful little reading nook is a must for any home! What has inspired you today?


  1. Love that first picture - have a nice weekend Will!

  2. Hey Will, sorry to have been a bit of a stranger lately on Bright Bazaar. Love that last interior! Have a great weekend!

  3. Very inspiring post- My daughter has a portion of a wall painted with chalkboard paint- I think I've been inspired to draw something with chalk (like in your first photo) that is a bit permanent. Hmmm, what to draw!!

  4. Those are some gorgeous images. I'm in love with the window treatments in the last photo, the color and the ruffle trim...perfection.

  5. I have recently decided I want to go to florist school. Or, do whatever it takes to surround myself with flowers and be able to identify every single one. I'm totally serious, even if it takes me the next 10 years! (So, yeah, I'm inspired by that second image, too).

  6. Is anything more inspiring that a floral shop? Lovely!

    What inspired me today? Reading about gardens. Always inspiring.

  7. Dear Will,

    Is that chalk on chalkboard paint?

    Love it!


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  8. The three images you picked are definitely inspiring in their own ways!

    Have a fabulous weekend, Will!


  9. I LOVE the Floristry!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  10. The mocha and muffin I've just scoffed for breakfast.

  11. That first wall is great! Have you seen the work of Dana Tanamachi? Some great chalk typography! -

    Oh and this week I have been inspired by photographs from Lotte & Bloom (a glasgow based florist - ) who I thought you might like (& who I am about to start a collaboration with!)

  12. i love dana's chalk drawings. did you know that annie sloan's chalk paint can be drawn on as well? any shade - lots of possibilities i think!

    that reading corner is stunning. though i would probably still drag ten of those volumes to bed with me.

    inspired by the brilliant clean green country air this morning, it's so rich with scent it's like eating something really delicious.

    and by the light on the hills, diffuse and quiet

    and by my storytelling + storyreading children. so much energy! x

  13. That black wall is fantastic and florists always catch my eye. Have a lovely weekend. I am on my way to Edinburgh for the weekend as I type.

  14. @ Jan, Jessie - Thank you; you too!

    @ FrenchByDesign, Ispirato Design - I like the chalky finish of it.

    @ David - Lovely to see you in these parts! Yes, the colours in the last space are just lovely, esp. that yellow vase.

    @ CHH - I believe it is chalkboard paint, yes.

    @ Hamptontoes - The space has such elegance to it, don't you think.

    @ Kayla, Dancing Branflake, Franka - I just love, love, love the florist space. And, Kayla, if I lived near you I would totally sign up for a class with you. That would be so much fun.

    @ Tbaitha - Blueberry muffins are my fave!

    @ mrYen - Dana's work is incredible, so inspiring. As for Lotte & Bloom - thank you so much for introducing me to their inspiring works. Looking forward to hearing more about your project!

    @ elise - Thanks for stopping by. There is nothing like a deep breath of fresh country air to invigorate. Sounds blissful.

    @ Amy - Oh, you lucky thing! Edinburgh is one of my fave cities. Have a lovely time!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Bright blooms are totally inspiring me today as i have been looking for a wedding florist - this is possibly my fave part of the planning apart from probably the food tasting!!!

    Cant wait to see and T tomorrow!

  17. @ Rachie - I'm not surprised you are excited about the flowers side of things - all those possibilities! Looking forward to a cheeky cocktail! xx

  18. Such a fabulously striking bedroom; I love the chalkboard art above the bed too! The floristry shop is just lovely! xo

  19. Flowers and a colorful reading nook! So necessary with the clouds consuming Chicago. I am so thankful for a sunny day today, hopefully my flowers will start to bloom and I can pick up a good book on my patio. Happy weekend!

  20. Now that I'm twerkin' again, nothing beats the feeling of Friday, well, except for fresh flowers of course! Today, you're inspiring me, Will! Have a great weekend. I'll be singing my heart out with Kylie!

  21. I am inspired by the baby apples and peaches and roses in my backyard.

    AND to turn one of my nook into a bright reading nook like above. That's a spectacular idea!!!

  22. The colors in the last one? Delicious! And yes I too think the feeling of Friday is something that will stay with us forever! Have bright weekend Will! xoxo

  23. @ Rachel - Beautiful isn't it!

    @ Liz - Amazing how the sun can lift our mood.

    @ Dab - Can't wait to hear what the show was like!

    @ StarletStarlet - Your backyard sounds beautiful! I'd love to see pictures!

    @ La Boheme - Thank you! Hope you had a great weekend, too.


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