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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday's Bright Links - Six Month Anniversary Special!

This week sees the 26th edition of Bright Links, marking six months of sharing my favourite links from around the Internet each week. I love pulling these posts together each week - they are a record of what inspired me throughout the week. To mark the 26th week, I've produced an expanded edition with, you guessed it, 26 brilliant links. Enjoy!
A gorgeous loft in Paris.
One, two, three days in Portland, OR.
Blue hued stationery all beautifully photographed and styled.
Anthropologie have new in store decorating stations.
A beautiful flat for sale in Stockholm.
I loved this IKEA DIY on a Rast chest of drawers.
Oh, Hello Friend's shop packaging is actually perfect!
OHMYLEFTOVERS is a lovely new photography tumblr.
Jonathan shared these awesome IKEA cooking commercials.
This purple sofa is what I call a top dollar thrifty find!
Tips for sewing your own duvet cover.
Tea For Joy began a great new series called, £5 finds.
Victoria Smith introduced her readers to The Bold Italic, an interesting website about people who live in San Francisco.
Lavender lemonade - perfect for spring!


  1. Happy anniversary my friend. I love you bright links. Actually I love all that you write. Always fabulous and of course always bright..!

    Hugs from Sydney

    xx Charlotta

  2. I love your links, nice anniversary touch! :)

  3. Great links Will! Have a great sunday, I'm off to Ikea

  4. Wow - congrats Will! You are a bright star and have gone far in just six months!

  5. Happy birthday! You don't know me and I don't know you but I thought it would be nice to wish you a bright birthday like many of the days you brighten with your sparkling picks. Thank you! Enjoy it!

  6. Happy Bright Links and Birthday to you, mistuh! You never fail to amaze me with your wicked design sensibilities. Keep on comin'! And do tell me all about your bday pressies and surprises!

  7. Love all the links - and a very happy 6 months to you! Has it really only been 6're such a pro and a joy to have in blogging!!

    xo Elizabeth

  8. Thanks for the Bright Links birthday wishes, friends! It's the six month birthday of Bright Links and soon to be two years official blogging birthday - times flies! xo

  9. thanks for the link love, will. your site just keeps getting prettier and prettier. love it all!

  10. Yay! Lovely links - I am filing away that lavender lemonade recipe away for summer BBQ's.
    Hope your birthday weekend was loads of fun sweetie xo

  11. Happy 6th Anniversary Will! I've loved and keep loving your Bright Links.. Here's to many more!

  12. thanks for the love and support!!

    poppies & posies


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