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Monday 21 March 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. I liked the colours of LEON's signage.
2. Enjoyed kicking off the weekend with pizzas and beers in the company of my friend Igor who was visiting from Germany!
3. Sunny Saturdays with crisp, clear, bright blue skies are just the best.
4. Tempted to get these flip flops for summer.
5. Navy and tan really is a winning combo.
6. I treated myself to this set of milk bottle measuring cups.
7. A belated birthday present arrived in the form of this gorgeous paper machie Zebra from Anthropologie.
8. Sunday morning was spent at Columbia Rd flower market - here's the result!
9. The latest issue of Jamie magazine is one of their best ever.
10. Thinking about the possibility of displaying my coloured latte bowls on open shelves.


  1. It was my pleasure Will! Now I'm waiting for your visit in Germany!

  2. that milk bottle measuring cup is fantastic!

  3. Sounds and looked like a perfect weekend. : )

  4. Sounds like a brilliant weekend! Love the tan & navy colour combo too! xo

  5. Love Love Love! So glad I found your blog xx

  6. Love the colored latte bowls...I have some from Anthropologie and love them.


  7. Super cute milk measuring cups. I want! I want!

  8. love the LEON sign too and these flip flops are v stylish, you should go for it

    Have a great week!

  9. Oooh I love those milk bottle measuring cups! It looks like you had a great weekend!

  10. Love your weekend round ups! I think I might just have to get the milk measuring cups. Amazing.
    Happy first week of spring!

  11. Haha I was about to comment on those milk measuring cups but everyone else has already done that for me! :)

    Belly B

  12. Sunny weekends ARE the best!!

    Love the milk bottle measuring cups, very cute!

    Go for the flipflops, they're fab!

    Have a great week ahead, Will!

    Meera xx

  13. ooh love the zebra, my dad bought it for a friend too!

  14. Ooooohhh love the milk bottle measuring cups!

  15. I need those milk bottle measuring cups in my life - love them.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! xx

  16. love that brilliant, blue Saturday afternoon sky! By the way, I finally got my act together and put the little sumthin' sumthin' that's been sitting on my desk in the mail for you today. I am very bad at going to the post office, but for you, I did ;)

  17. Oh I love Jamie - I'll have to take a look!

  18. Love those flip flops and i am so jealous about the zebra- i saw it in Anthro today and its stunning xo

  19. Hey there luv,

    Igor could be your brother! Can only imagine how fab it was to see him on your turf. Friends are so precious.

    Get the flip flops and start practicing wiggling your toes in the rays of the sunlight. Summer is not far off.. Really!

    Sydney has turned in to a sticky, humid mess. Massive torrential rains wash away the last of our desire to hang at the beach.. though I may not have given up hope just yet. A little top of of the tan would be welcomed by now for sure.

    Have a brill week my friend.

    xx Charlotta

  20. I'm definitely in need of new flip flops and I think those ones are sweet. I like the tan sole. Makes flip flops look a lil more chic. And oops, I thought Igor was your guy. Well, you both look lovely. And I have something waaay belated for you!

  21. Charlotta, I love your comment:-) Big hugs to Australia from Germany!
    Igor xx

  22. I'm sorry to post this here, but I didn't find a FAQ, have you got one ? So I would like to know what kind of softwares are you using for your "collage" like this one ? It's amazing.


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