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Friday 18 February 2011

Tine K Home Spring/Summer Collection 2011

Tine K Home always delivers a collection that oozes a gentle air of sophistication; never pretentious in their approach, season after season they present their assortment in a considered and effortlessly stylish manner. Their spring/summer 2011 offering continues in this vein with simple, classic patterns in delicate colourways. Thanks to Lana, I discovered that the collection was styled and photographed in an old laundry house that dates back to the 1880's, which is on Denmark's 2nd largest island, Fyn. So there you have it: a dash of trivia and a generous helping of delicious interior accessories - what more could one ask for on a Friday?!


  1. i neeed those black and white patterned bowls. just lovely! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  2. This collection speaks to me. Love the stripes, black and white, rustic feel-- it's the way to my heart and home.

  3. Oh, beautiful items. I love the photography, and the bits of dark mixed with the cool, rustic surroundings. The last glass photo is so pretty : )

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing the new Tine K collection, looks great as always!!
    Having grown up in Denmark, I would like to point out (sorry) that Fyn (Fuen) is actually the second (2) largest island in Denmark, Sealand is the largest. The third part of Denmark is a peninsula (Jutland).
    To ad to your trivia;
    The third largest city in Denmark is Odense (I think this is where the mix-up might have come from...?) and that city is the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen! :)

    Northern Light

  5. For long I loved this whimsical style! The catalog is such fun!

  6. Aaaah the Danes, they've done it again! :)

    Love Tine K. Her eye is great and I think with her, the secret is in the mix.
    It's rustic yet light and a little playful. Add a dash of muted colours and some Scandi flare and we have a timeless winner.


    xx Charlotta

  7. Oh so pretty! Love the bleached out look of the wood, all the grays and concrete. The coloured glasses/votives/vases, in the last pic, are beautiful.
    Have a lovely Friday!

  8. Thanks for the correct triva, Natasha, I've added it to the post!

  9. Hey Will, can't trust Wikipedia I guess, that's where I got the info about 3rd largest island!;) Thank you for all your comments, I always value them coming from you! Have a great weekend!

  10. Love the coloured votives too - so well styled and some great pieces!
    Happy Weekend Will
    Rachie xo

  11. Love this colour scheme - so simple and classic, yet incredibly stylish!

  12. wow! i love how rustic everything looks! that scarf display is the best!!

  13. always love their pics and these are exceptional. love the lighting.happy weekend will.

  14. I just stumbled over your blog - adorable.
    I love all the danish stuff you have - I'm from Denmark myself ;). Check my weekly feature: Copenhagen cool - great for inspiration.
    Happy Weekend x

  15. Lovely atmosphere and colours. Happy weekend!

  16. What a tremendously fun website brimming with terrific finds. One must appreciate the Scandinavian's simplistic & stylish eye. Amazing that Tine was 22 when she opened her first shop; just a baby!

    Thanks Will for the great intro.

    Cheers ~

  17. Mr. Will - you have me craving Spring. Wish it was right around the corner. Have a wonderful weekend. Miss you! xx

  18. What a nice blog! I love the photography!


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