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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Happy Weekend

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Waking up on a Saturday morning, knowing you have two days stretched out ahead, really is a blissful feeling. This weekend, along with the usual chores, I hope to find time for cooking some new recipes, tidying up my home office and catching up with family. What do you have planned?


  1. I keep my washi tape on the rod from an old aluminum foil package. It's not the most beautiful solution, but it keeps them all together!

  2. Oh My! Is washi tape like fabric tape? I recently saw these amazing fabric tape makers that sound super easy! Thanks for the new find, as always! xo Samantha

  3. Am in love with the first 2 photos.. Someone take me to Cali already! Have a super weekend Will. Your weekend sounds good for the soul..

  4. It's so nice to see some Cali love. Both you and Chantale needs a trip here soon! Rose Bowl is happening again, so I might dabble a bit there. Have a cheerful weekend, yo!

  5. Your weekend sounds fun and thanks for brightening up my evening with some Californian dreaming! I plan to rest, rest and more rest and a little bit of SNL and the Grammy's!

  6. working on a client's reception centerpieces & chillin'. I have so much to get off my DVR and may have the time to do so. Oh yeah, the grammy's and all that entails on Sunday.

  7. So well said! I love that anticipation of having two days off.

    I am going to tackle at least one decluttering project at home, bring order out of the chaos that is my office at work from this busy week, and play cards with some friends.

  8. I have no plans for the weekend yet. But I saw this washi storing idea a couple of month ago and intend to steal the idea:

    Maybe I could just start and finish that DIY during the weekend as my washi tape isn't organized neither :)

    Greetings from Hamburg, Maja

  9. i like your to-do list. this weekend im spending some quality time with the bf, his favorite football team- ac milan is playing a very important game toady (or so im told :) soooo lots of football ;)

    love that first photo! xoxo jcd

  10. Unfortunately I've been sick :( but this lovely collection of photos made me smile!


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