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Monday 14 February 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. I stumbled upon this dark and dramatic bedroom - love it!
2. It may be quite expensive, but I still think this chest is brilliant. A good DIY perhaps?
3. Vintage gold pineapples have the ability to make me smile.
4. I loved this Thom Brown Seersucker Tie.
5. Colourful luggage tags would make spotting your case on the carousel a little more fun.
6. Cade Martin takes breathtaking photographs.
7. Jonathan Lo's J3 Productions limited edition zine is a visual masterpiece.
8. I was tempted to buy this tee as an ode to one of my favourite cities.
9. You can't beat a guilt-free Nutella indulgence after going on a run!
10. I'm going to start saving up for this Jonathan Adler cushion.


  1. I just realized we are out of Nutella. Unacceptable. Hope your weekend was splendid, friend!

  2. let's get lost. LOVE it.
    and nutella.
    i hope you had a wonderful weekend, xoxo jcd
    cornflake dreams

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :)

  4. all your finds are so lovely, but i must say, that nutella pic just made me want to comment. LOVE nutella... which reminds me, i need to go get some. :) hope u had a great weekend!

  5. My first time browsing Heima...ridiculous prices, but ridiculously good! (c: That chest is also being added to the lust list...

  6. I love the chest and the photograph! Gorgeous!

  7. Definitely love Cade! And those luggage tags- I'll be in need of some this weekend. Thank the lawwwd ..a little getaway is in need :) Hope you had a great weekend, Will!

  8. Nutella is never guilt free for me, unless I have someone giving me a spoonful and locking away the rest of the pot! Beautiful choices!!!

  9. Let's get lost! That's a good one. Hard to be grumpy with that statement meeting you at bedtime.

    Happy new week to you.

    A warm hug from a sunny (yes!) Seattle.


  10. That chest piece had me at hello! And what? It's totally reasonably priced! Yeah right! You can totally DIY, Will.

    I was at the Rose Bowl flea today and got a few small things including a lobster neck sunburn! Hope you had a fun-filled weekend.

  11. Nutella is my best friend! and that pineapple is LOVELY! I have a smaller one

  12. Happy Valentines!
    That cushion is gorgeous and i'm rather liking that luggage tag too!
    Hope you had a nice weekend!
    Rachie xo

  13. Great collection. I LOVE the Cade Martin photo - & his others too. Happy valentines day, which I love, but is very refreshing to look at a post with no hearts on it! x

  14. Happy V day love AJSTYLST! <3

  15. i looooooooooove number 2!! i think i need something like that in my craft area!! happy v day!!!

  16. that chest is pretty amazing :) Happy v day!!!!

  17. That pineapple is perfect. Happy vday to you!!

  18. Happy valentine's day!! That chest of drawers makes me smile.

  19. Love that let's get lost message in that oh so sexy room! Yes to that Jonathan Adler cushion too. Happy Valentine's day!

  20. love the song Lets get lost by bat for lashes with and how fun to see it on a headboard. hope your weekend was great will.
    manvi @ mochatini

  21. I look forward to this feature every single weekend! You seriously put the best stuff... especially with that gold pineapple, that Seersucker tie, that Cade Martin photo, that Jonathan Adler cushion, and that...mmmmm, Nutella! :)

    xo, J


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