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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday's Bright Links

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This branding and packaging is almost good enough to eat.
This paint-dipped furniture is kinda cool.
Sunday in San Francisco.
Mr. Bazaar heads to Poppytalk.
A great round up of the top 10 hotels in Palm Springs, California.
A lovely interview with the Editor of Real Simple online.
An utterly delectable combination of blue and yellow.
A custom bulletin board by Thomas O'Brien.
This wedding photographed by Max Wanger is utterly breathtaking.


  1. yay for poppytalk, wanted to congratulate you when I saw it, fab news my dear, and very well deserved! xx

  2. congrats on poppytalk! thrilled for you! have a great weekend ;)


  3. Congrats Will on the new column! Have a brilliant Sunday, off to check these links out! x

  4. I have that door picture hanging on my inspiration board in my office. Love it!

  5. Darling I loved your list of links today. So many fun explorations to enjoy!

    The packaging.
    Yes, what a great idea. Will copy this one for Summery ice cream moments for the kids. Stunning and practical - a match made in heaven for a mother! :)

    Paint dipped furniture.
    Oh yes me too. Actually also love it when the paint is allowed to drip or run. Creates a quirky edge.

    Sunday in SF..
    *sigh* No words required really..!

    Top 10 hotels in Palm Springs
    A list to keep for sure.

    Blue & Yellow..
    Ahem, as a Swedish girl I can't but concur! :)

    Thomas O'Brien's place..
    Mamma Mia what an amazing place! Those windows..!!

    Last but not least - the Wedding..
    What a location! I'd love to soak in that watering hole any day, and can sense the freshness of the air all the way to Sydney!

    Thanks for this Will. Truly enjoyed every click!

    xx Charlotta

  6. i love that fun yellow clock and now i'm craving ice cream, for breakfast! :)

  7. Oh boy, that jam photo made me think of summer! Looking forward to warm days :)

  8. All great links...that wedding is amazing, and I love Max's work. Happy weekending!

  9. Thanks for all these lovely links - truly need some inspiration today as my board (inspiration) just literally dropped off the wall! KG x

  10. Happy Weekend, Will! Thanks for those links!

  11. Hi Will! I love love love the whole feel and concept! Definitely screams SUMMER. :)

  12. loving these links my sweet. hope you are enjoying paris

  13. So excited to have you with us Will! Love those blue/green shutters! Hope you're enjoying the Paris!


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