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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Happy Weekend

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Thank you for your company this week, folks, it's such a treat to dive into your blogs each and every day. I'm planning on a weekend of rest and crafting - my inspiration books have been a little neglected and are in need of some serious attention! Plus, there's a reel of polka dot tape in my desk drawers that I am keen to start using. I'd also like to get some bakers twine to hang inspirational tears in my office. What's on your weekend agenda?


  1. Sounds like a rather nice weekend Will! I am off to the reference library to do some research, if it doesn't snow too much! Love the pastel colours of the pencils!

  2. Will, I have a painting to do for a special commission. Also saw the King's Speech today, and do highly recommend it!

    Art by Karena

  3. polka dot tape! that sounds like loads of fun!

    have a great weekend


  4. Photographing the PA countryside in the snow...with mr. fleurishing & billy, of course! Bon weekend!!

  5. i wish i had time for crafting! I WANT to use polka dot tape! enjoy your weekend, I just dropped my pay check at the office supply store and will be drowning in manilla folders and organizing ... I do love my new stapler though :)

    much love, Sc.

  6. Your weekend sounds like it will be fantastic! Very clever using bakers twine to hang tear truly is great for everything! Sadly, I will be doing taxes this weekend. :( But hopefully I will get to some of my craft books too. I have Lotta Jannsdotter's Handmade Living that I have been dying to tear into!

  7. Ah Will.. C'est telle-ment belles tes photos de Paris! I hope you've recovered and feeling well now. It's good to relax, take care of yourself and your soul this weekend. Your weekend sounds perfect. This fever thing is going around world-wide cuz I think I've caught it now. But no matter. I will embrace the weekend as it comes. Have a great one everyone!

  8. My weekend is dedicated to morning farmers+flea markets, some daytime cooking and evenings out with long-time friends..

    Enjoy yours!

  9. Will, that "To Do" list seems rough!!! I am dreaming for a day (or weekend) when that is all that resides on my "To Do" list. Until then I will live through you! (hehe) Enjoy it for the both of us!! Have a great weekend. xoxo

  10. Dim Sum this morning~ lunch with BPF tomorrow...running walking cooking and chillin....have a great one Mr. B...xo

  11. my oh my but your blog just brightens up a dreary winter day! love the color, love the style, looking forward to discovering more.

  12. Hello! Happy Weekend!!

    Just wanna tell you that I love your work and you have such a great eye! Can't wait to share those vignettes you styled for Rue on my blog. It's going to be a hit for my readers!

    xo, Jeanne

  13. How's the crafting going? I'm doing a little of that myself. Enjoy!

  14. Hope your weekend was enjoyable. Love reading your posts and inspiring pics.

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