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Monday, 3 January 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved Over The Holidays

 1. One of the first shots taken on my new PEN camera.
2. Looking through old photos with your family is really fun; here I am one Christmas morning many moons ago!
3. Parcels containing homemade jam and hand sewn fabric bags are delightful. Thank you, Susan and William.
4. Polka dot gold film makes a perfect wrap for Rocky Road bars.
5. My first vintage purchase of 2011!
6. I spent most of December eying this little fellow, so I couldn't resist when I saw him in the sale.
7. Likewise, the Bell Garland from The White Company slipped into my shopper!
8. A dash of prep for my wrist.
9. A throw for less than £10? Bargain, I say.
10. I'm excited to read this book.


  1. awwww love that pic of you as a youngin will!! :) and that watch is TOO cool!!

  2. Cutie then, cutie now.

    And what a phenomenal photo you took!!! Hauntingly beautiful. Have fun with your new camera more often.

  3. Happy New Year Will! So happy you're back! I was missing that daily dose of brights!

  4. Oh, Will, I love everything that's on this list! Love that shot from PEN, how exciting! And you were such a cute baby, eee...!!

  5. Were you a cute kiddo or what? Loving your list as always : ) Hope our paths cross again in 2011!

  6. "A year of mornings" is on my list as well. Looking forward to this year. It's gonna be a good one. I can feel it!

  7. How adorable! Happy New Year to you and lucky you with all those goodies!

  8. Great list, as usual. Happy New Year to you!

  9. aw cute photo!!! and loved the list of things you learned. yes to looking thru memories/pics with family. lots of laughs can come out of it!

  10. Love your purchases! And ohmygosh...little bazaar is so cute!!

    Hope you had a great holiday! Thanks again for guesting!

  11. Great photo with your PEN camera, it's beautiful. I am such a fan of your blog. Thank you for all the inspiration that you have provided me with in 2010, I look forward to more fabulous post from you in 2011. Happy New Year!

  12. You are off to a good start Mr. Bright! And what a cutie pie!

    Happy, happy!


  13. Dear Will,
    Impressive camera and eye :)
    Wishing you a wonderful 2011, with lots of health, inspiration and success xoxox


  14. Lovely things as always. That deer dipped in gold is divine. And I can't wait to see the vintage goodies in your space!

  15. Happy new year darling! xxx

  16. where is number 1? So pretty! and new watch? exciting!

  17. you were so cute as a baby, Will! not that you're not cute now, but you get the point! pretty watch you got there :)

  18. Aah you are too cute! Loving all the sale purchases and the new watch is fab! I got a new one too!
    Rachie xo

  19. Lovely purchases..each and every one of them, and dying over the cuteness of that photo of young you!

  20. The first photo is beautiful! Love old pencil sharpeners...nothing like a sharp pencil to start a project.

    ANd you were super cute back in the day (and today too:)

    --Gretchen O.

  21. LOVE the vintage pencil sharpner! Great find.

  22. love those sales! great finds. happy 2011.

  23. yeah of mornings has been on my list of books too. Cant wait to read your review/thoughts on it.
    Happy New Year
    manvi @ mochatini

  24. What an amazing photo you took! I think you have a new career up your sleeve. I've heard of the "A Year of Mornings" book - please let me know how you like it.

    Happy new year! I hope to see you again in 2011 :)

  25. Great finds Will and what a gorgeous picture taken by your new PEN.

    I have memories using one of those amazing pencil sharpeners at school in the US 25 years ago! If only I'd appreciated them back then! :) xx

  26. Lovely! That pic of you is pretty darn adorable Will. Happy new year/month/week :)
    Nancy xo

  27. Will, in case I haven't already told you so: Happy New Year, bud! All the best.
    AND: That Lacoste watch was just the visual element I needed to convince myself it WILL be spring at some point in the not-too distant future. :-) That watch totally matches you; good choice.
    Take care,


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